Pennsylvania’s economy must be reopened for business, or the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians and their families may be destroyed!

The fact is, our economy is faltering on the ropes — and we must act quickly if we are going to save it!

Epidemiologists and scientists around the world are dramatically revising their previous doomsday models downwards declaring that this disease will be far less deadly than previously thought, and President Trump has been very clear that we must get America back to work very quickly or the “cure” to this terrible disease may become worse than the disease itself!

What is certain, however, is that if we continue to shutter our businesses and cease production in Pennsylvania that our economy will be dealt a death blow.

Already, Pennsylvania’s unemployment claims have skyrocketed to over 1.3 MILLION since March 15th.

Small businesses are shuttering by the thousands across our state, and families and retirees are watching their life’s work be destroyed in front of their eyes.

The fact is, we absolutely must prioritize the future of this state, the livelihoods of its families, the ability to provide for our own and the economic security of its workers if we are going to save it!

Several states are now showing the world that we don’t need to sacrifice the future of our families, the working class and our young ones in order to keep everyone safe – and working!

Don’t let another day of economic destruction pass by – please send your email to Governor Wolf’s administration and tell him to REOPEN PENNSYLVANIA for business right away!

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