End Wolf’s Shutdown – Pass SR323/HR836 and ReOpenPA.com!

If passed, Senate Resolution 323 would bring a swift end to Governor Wolf’s excessive order that has already left 20% of Pennsylvania’s workforce without a job – a percentage that equals over 1.4 MILLION workers!

Governor Wolf derives his power to declare a state of emergency from 35 Pa.C.S. § 7301(c), but it also authorizes the General Assembly to terminate Wolf’s orders if they have gone too far.

Senate Resolution 323 by Senator Mastriano must be passed, and passed quickly!

The good news is, the early modeling that predicted widespread death from the Coronavirus has proven inaccurate, and estimates now are being revised downwards every day!

Pennsylvanians are very capable of safely reopening their businesses and factories and stores – and they don’t need government nannies to tell them how to do it.

We simply must get back to work, or the cure to the Coronavirus will create a tidal wave of economic destruction far worse than the disease itself!

Please email your legislators and urge them to immediately pass SR323 and let the people of Pennsylvania get back to work!

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