Defeat the Ban on Online Ammo Sales!

Ammo ban bills must NEVER be allowed to pass!

Ammo bans (like Congresswoman Bonnie Coleman’s H.R. 686,) would:

1. BAN online ammo sales and mandate face-to-face transactions.

2. Require government licensing for ammo sellers.

3. Create a NATIONAL centralized database to track, trace and register ammo buyers like sex offenders by requiring you to register your ammo purchases!

The United States Constitution have always been crystal clear about this – the right to defend yourself and your family shall not be infringed!

Traitors like Bonnie Coleman and Nancy Pelosi only introduce laws like these to test the resolve of gun owners, hoping that if they find our guards down they can ram it into law, just like they did in Virginia!

Help us fight back, send a pre-written email to Senators’ Toomey and Casey — as well as your Congressman — immediately!

Please join us in this fight by going to!