Help FIGHT Federal Gun Control in PA!

State Representative Stephanie Borowicz (R-McElhattan) is sponsoring the Second Amendment Preservation Act to fight back against Joe Biden, the out-of-control ATF, and the corrupt DOJ and their war against our gun rights!

SAPA is very simple. Pennsylvania cops should only enforce Pennsylvania gun laws. Right now, federal agents are working with the PSP, county Sheriffs and municipal police departments to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, regulations, executive orders, and administrative rulings. SAPA puts an end to that!

By prohibiting our law enforcement officers from entering into task forces with federal agents, and by putting real teeth in the bill, we can put an END to our Commonwealth’s enforcement of widespread, tyrannical federal gun control in Pennsylvania once and for all! But we’ve gotta pass Borowicz’s SAPA bill first.

That’s why you must take action now by sending your emails to your State Representative and State Senator demanding they go on the attack for our freedoms by co-sponsoring and supporting Borowicz’ bill right away!

And after you’ve taken action, join the Pennsylvania Firearms Association and become a member of Pennsylvania’s no-holds-barred gun rights organization!