Stop the Deadly Safe Storage Bill, HB1629!

Democrats in the Pennsylvania House are pushing for a deadly safe storage law, that would not stop any violent crime, but would only make gun owners completely defenseless!

HB1629 would require that gun owners lock up their firearms in government-mandated safes, so you and your family will be defenseless when a criminal breaks into your home in the middle of the night!

If passed, this bill would get many innocent people killed.

That’s why we must fight back and stop HB1629 from becoming law!

Please send an email to your State Representative urging them to publicly oppose, block, stop, and vote NO on HB1629 – including any other so-called ‘Safe Storage’ law that comes up for a vote!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association so we can keep fighting for you in Harrisburg by clicking here!