Defeat Red Flags in Pennsylvania!

In the wake of a national Red Flag funding bill becoming law rabid leftists and gun-grabbing RINOs in our General Assembly are salivating over the $750 million up for grabs to implement Red Flag Gun Confiscations here in Pennsylvania.

Often called ‘Emergency Risk Protection Orders’, these hideous bills are sponsored by the worst of the worst in Harrisburg, and would allow liberal judges and estranged friends, family, and others to have your guns confiscated in secret court hearings with NO due process!

And this is a real threat. With the Highland Park, IL murders over Independence Day weekend, and with the Feds dangling bribe money in front of our weak Republican majorities in Harrisburg, passing this bill is a scary real possibility! 

We can’t let that happen.

That’s why it is very important that you send a PRE-WRITTEN email to your State Representative and State Senator telling them to HOLD THE LINE against Red Flag Gun Confiscations IMMEDIATELY!

And then join the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, the most effective political fighting force for our beautiful Second Amendment freedoms in Pennsylvania!