STOP the Mandatory Firearm Registry in PA!

State Rep. Angel Cruz and five other raging Communists in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives have revealed their gun-grabbing wet dream with the filing of HB1810.

If passed into law, this bill would END the sale, transfer or owning of firearms in the Commonwealth unless you have the correct ‘papers’ from Tom Wolf’s State Police.

Even worse, these Hate-America leftists want you to register ALL your firearms with the police.

And if you don’t roll over and comply like a peasant? You’ll be an instant FELON.

We all know the real reason they want to keep a database on us and force us to register our guns because they want to confiscate them in the very near future.

We can’t let that happen!

Take action NOW by signing the official petition to your State Representative and State Senator against this madness.

And when you’re finished, please become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, the only no-holds-barred political fighting force in Pennsylvania!