Tell Your State Rep: Vote NO on Gun Control!

After passing MAJOR gun control bills like Red Flag Gun Confiscation and Universal Gun Registration through the House a few months ago with Republican support, the Radical Democrats are emboldened, and are continuing to wage war against gun owners.

In fact, on Tuesday, June 27, the House Judiciary Committee under Chairman Tim Briggs, voted out TWO more gun control bills, sending them to the full House Floor where they could be voted on very soon!

And they’re are bad:

HB1117 – Bans ‘armor penetrating’ bullets for every one in the Commonwealth! Despite the fact that these rounds are rarely used in crimes – criminals will still get their hands on them. If it passes, it’ll be gun owners who will be the most punished!
HB1130 – This bill sets up a public safety infrastructure fund to be funded by Pennsylvania gun owners! The Radical Left wants to slap a $10 fee onto your License to Carry & renewal, as well as an extra fee when you purchase or transfer a firearm – all so the Left can put more lighting and cameras in downtown Philly, like gun owners are the problem!

They are trying to ‘prevent gun violence’ but we all know what that means… More tyranny.

Everyone knows that gun control has failed everywhere it has been implemented. Around the world, gun control was always done before the mass slaughter or genocide of people!

We say Hell No.

That’s why you need to take action for our gun rights by sending your State Representative a pre-written email demanding that they stop the assault on our gun rights NOW! Tell them that any step toward gun control will be met with political force at election time!

Once you have taken action, please become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association grassroots ARMY today and help fight alongside of us!