PA House Judiciary Committee: No Gun Control!

Now that radical Democrats and Joanna McClinton are in control of the Pennsylvania House, they aren’t wasting any time starting the war against gun owners.

In fact, the House Judiciary Committee under Chairman Tim Briggs, is using gun-grabbing majority to take swipes at our gun rights! On Wednesday April 26th, the committee is meeting to vote on Red Flag Gun Confiscation and Universal Gun Registration, among others!

We all know that as soon as these bills pass committee, they’ll be put on the floor of the House and hammered out in record speed! And the left will be looking for crossover votes from anti-gun ‘Republicans’…

Make no mistake, the Radical Left wants to know where our guns are so they can confiscate them. That’s why they are voting on these bills together!

We say HELL NO.

That’s why you need to take action for our gun rights by sending the entire House Judiciary Committee a pre-written email demanding that they stop the assault on our gun rights NOW! Tell them to vote NO on HB338, HB714, HB731, & HB1018, and that any step toward gun control will be met with political force at election time!

Once you have taken action, please become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association grassroots ARMY today and help fight alongside of us!