Chip in $10

STOP Republican Gun Control in Harrisburg!

Republican State Rep. Barry Jozwiak is sponsoring a gun-control bill in Harrisburg designed to appease the Radical Left and not stop any violent criminals!

This bill was just announced, but what we know about it so far is that it would institute a ban on “auto switches” or “Glock switches.”

Of course, this gun-control is on the books in cities like Chicago and New York, but violent crime has only increased!

Besides, these accessories are already illegal under federal law.

Pro-gun Republicans in Harrisburg should be united against gun-control, not sponsoring it FOR the Radical Left!

That’s why it’s critical that you send a pre-written email to your State Representative IMMEDIATELY telling them to oppose Jozwiak’s gun-control bill and NOT co-sponsor the bill!

When you’re finished, please consider chipping in so that we can mobilize the gun vote against this treachery!