House Judiciary: Block Gun Control!

The Radical Gun Grabbers in Harrisburg are trying to pass SEVEN major gun-control bills out of the House, and we need to STOP them!

Their number one goal is a state level BAN on owning AR15’s, and the bill even goes so far as to outlaw the famous Ruger 10/22 rifle!

Here’s the list:
HB335 – Bans bump stocks
HB336 – ‘Assault Weapons’ ban
HB483 – County-by-county ‘Gun Violence Task Forces’ designed to federalize all Pennsylvania law enforcement
HB777 – Bans parts kits and tools to make firearms at home.
HB1157 – ‘Mental Health’ gun control
HB1190 – Bans homemade firearms (King George-approved)
HB1859 – Increases weapon under disability statute.

These tyrants want to strip away every single freedom you and I have today, and they know that total gun-control is their only path to doing that.

And we say Hell No.

Please fire off an email to the House Judiciary Committee and tell them to vote absolutely HELL NO on all of these gun-control measures!

Don’t wait – act now!

Once you have taken action, please make a generous contribution to the Pennsylvania Firearms Association and help us keep fighting for you!