Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee: NO Gun Control!

The Radical Left in the Pennsylvania House, with the help of RINO traitors, passed Red Flag Gun Confiscation and Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration bills over to the State Senate.

They’re bad, folks!:

HB1018 – Bloomberg’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation – destroys due process for gun owners and allows anyone to ‘red flag’ you and have your guns taken away for merely purchasing a firearm recently!
HB714 – Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration – this bill ends the private sale of firearms, lays the groundwork for future gun confiscation and establishes a statewide database of every gun owner and firearm in the Commonwealth!

The fact is, if we do not stop them now, the Communist Left won’t stop until gun owners have been stripped of their AR-15s, magazines, and anything else that can be used to resist their tyranny!

And quite frankly, once the Second Amendment falls, we’ll lose ever single one of the rest of our freedoms in a matter of years.

Now these bills are sitting in Chairwoman Lisa Baker’s Judiciary Committee. Not good!

Please immediately send your pre-written emails to the entire Senate Judiciary Committee and demand they block, stop, and VOTE NO on each and every one of these gun-control bills.

No backing down, no retreat, and no surrender!

And after you’ve sent your email, become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, Pennsylvania’s hardest-hitting no-compromise gun group!