Tell Senate ‘Leaders’ to Pass Constitutional Carry!

Constitutional Carry is already law in nearly half of America and has passed in FIVE states this year alone.

And in the Pennsylvania House, EIGHTEEN Republicans have signed on as cosponsors to SB565 – more than any Constitutional Carry bill in Pennsylvania Senate history!

But even with widespread support from his caucus, Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman and members of his leadership team are blocking SB565 from a full floor vote to protect weak, spineless Republicans from being forced to cast a vote on it.

It is pure Benedict Arnold.

And we can’t let them get away with it.

So please email the members of the Senate Leadership team, including President Pro Tempore Jake Corman and Floor Leader Kim Ward, and INSIST that they put SB565 on the Senate floor right away!

And when you’re done, please become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, the most effective political fighting force in the Commonwealth