Help Pass Constitutional Carry!

Constitutional Carry is already law in nearly half of America and is on the move in a half-dozen other states.

And in the Pennsylvania Senate, there are more co-sponsors on Sen. Cris Dush’s SB565 than any Constitutional Carry bill in Pennsylvania Senate history!

But even with widespread support in the Republican caucus, Senate leaders are being pressured by Bloomberg’s Red-Shirt Radicals at Moms Demand Action and Corman may be pressured to block or stop SB565 from coming to the floor for a vote!

We can’t let the Radical Left win this fight.

And we can’t let Republicans get away with doing nothing!

So please email your State Senator and INSIST that they support SB565 and call for a full vote on the floor of the Senate right away!

And when you’re done, please become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, the most effective political fighting force in the Commonwealth!