FIGHT Red Flag Gun Confiscation!

Turncoat Representative Todd Stephens has introduced a Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill in the Pennsylvania House (HB1903).

This hideous bill is co-sponsored by the worst of the worst in Harrisburg, and would allow liberal judges and estranged friends, family, and others to have your guns confiscated in secret court hearings with NO due process!

And this is a real threat. Being sponsored by a ‘Republican’, the radical left can claim bi-partisanship and with slim, weak Republican leadership – passing this bill is a scary real possibility! 

We can’t let that happen.

That’s why it is very important that you sign the OFFICIAL petition against Stephens’ Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill IMMEDIATELY!

And when you’ve finished signing, please become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, the hardest-hitting no compromise gun group in Pennsylvania!