STOP the Radical Left’s Gun Control Agenda!

FOUR Democrat-sponsored gun-control bills have passed the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee, and House Speaker Joanna McClinton is moving at warp speed to put them on the House floor and pass them!

These four bills, including Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration and Red Flag Gun Confiscation, represent the biggest attack on the Second Amendment that we’ve ever seen here in Pennsylvania, and if they pass their impact on our freedoms will be hard to comprehend!

But Speaker McClinton and her allies in the House do not want to move this legislation on their own – they are desperately trying to find some backstabbing Republican traitors to cross over the aisle to give them ‘bi-partisan support.’ 

That’s why we need to crank up the heat as hot as possible, right now. Because if we do, we can still defeat this tyrannical legislation!

Please sign the OFFICIAL petition against these gun control bills, letting your State Representative know that you are 100% opposed to these gun control bills, and that any vote or action in support of gun control will be met with political consequences at election time by mobilized gun owners in their district!

And after you’ve signed and submitted your petition, please chip in to help us mobilize thousands more gun owners against this gun control and shut it down!