Stop ‘Gun Violence Task Forces’ in PA!

Democrat State Representative and Radical Leftist Jared Solomon’s House Bill 483 creates ‘gun violence task forces’  in every county in Pennsylvania!

These task forces are under the control of our anti-gun Attorney General, and their sole mission will be to enforce the ATF and Joe Biden’s total gun control agenda in every corner of our Commonwealth.

The task forces members will include attorneys, Pennsylvania state police officers, local cops, Federal agents, and even “Representatives of key stakeholders in communities” that will include Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action red-shirt radicals and nutjobs from CeaseFirePA!

This bill creates a literal gun confiscation army and paves the way to federalize our state and local police. It’s bad stuff!

Help BLOCK this bill by signing the official petition to your State Representative and State Senator demanding they publicly condemn, block, stop, and vote NO on HB483 immediately!

And after you’ve taken action, become a member of Pennsylvania’s no-holds-barred, hardest-hitting gun rights group today! Click here or go to