Chip in $10

STOP Gun-Control in the PA House!

The Marxist Democrats in Harrisburg have scheduled floor votes in the Pennsylvania House for two NASTY gun-control bills:

  1. HB2206 – Creates an electronic registry of guns and gun owners in Pennsylvania!
  2. HB335 – BANS bump stocks and forced reset triggers (FRT’s) and labels them the same as machine guns!

And they’ll lock you up with a FELONY if you don’t comply with their tyranny.

But instead of one tyrant three thousand miles away, over a hundred tyrants in Harrisburg want to stop you and me from maintaining our freedom.

Neither of these bills will stop ANY violent criminal in Pennsylvania, but it will harass gun owners and turn them into felons overnight.

The Left wants gun owners tracked, traced and registered, and HB2206 helps them do exactly that.

That’s why it’s critical that you send a pre-written email to your State Representative IMMEDIATELY telling them to vote HELL NO on HB2206, HB335, and EVERY OTHER GUN-CONTROL BILL THAT COMES FOR A VOTE!

When you’re finished, please consider chipping in so that we can mobilize the gun vote against this treachery!