Stop Mental Health Gun Control in Harrisburg!

RINOs in Harrisburg are working to pass HB2022, a school “mental health” funding bill that will likely have huge consequences on our gun rights and the gun rights our next generation!

We need to STOP IT!

More than ever, gun owners need to be diligent about fighting for, protecting and defending the rights of our kids and grandkids, because whether we do or don’t will likely determine whether they are free or enslaved by a Communist takeover of this country we love!

HB2022 by Representative Aaron Kaufer (and cosponsored by some of the worst RINO’s in Harrisburg) is a “mental health” services funding bill that creates mental health records on every student within a school district.

And right now in DC, Democrats and RINO Republicans are working on a bill that would expand background checks to include juvenile mental health records! Combined together, the result will likely be millions and millions of people that will be categorically denied the Right to Keep and Bear Arms without ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime.

That’s why I’m urging you to contact your State Representative and State Senator RIGHT NOW and demand that they vote NO on HB2022!

And after you’ve taken quick action against this bill, please join up with us and become a member of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association and help us FIGHT LIKE HELL for our Second Amendment freedoms!