Tell Thomas Mehaffie: Vote NO on Gun Control!

The Pennsylvania House is meeting very soon to vote on a package of gun control bills, which means there isn’t much time to save our Second Amendment.

Your State Representative, Thomas Mehaffie, is the deciding vote in the Pennsylvania House on whether or not we get Universal Background Checks, which is statewide gun registration, and Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws which DESTROYS due process and many more.

These are the bills before the Pennsylvania General Assembly right now. They have passed through the committee and they’re being fast tracked by the Speaker for a full floor vote.

As a constituent of Thomas Mehaffie, we’re asking you to call him at: (717) 534-1323 and send him a pre-written email message as well. Tell him you want him to vote NO on all of these gun control proposals. They will not save lives, but they will destroy our Second Amendment.

We have only a little time left before these votes take place on the House floor and the Radical Democrats are rolling out EVERYTHING they can to pressure him to vote for this gun control. And its our job to shut it down.

We need to make sure he is getting the message loud and clear from gun owners like you in House District 106. Send your email, telling Thomas Mehaffie to vote NO. Let’s save our Second Amendment!

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