2024 Primary Election Results Breakdown

The Pennsylvania Republican Primary Election was a TREMENDOUS VICTORY for gun voters!

The best news first: more pro-gun candidates won yesterday than in any election since the Pennsylvania Firearms Association was started.

So many won, in fact, that we would wager the Pennsylvania General Assembly that starts in January next year could be THE most conservative, pro-gun General Assembly in Pennsylvania history.

But we aren’t gonna’ get ahead of ourselves and start dreaming up what if scenarios… those are already ready to rock!

So let’s get into the breakdown from last night’s victory:

Attorney General

Dave Sunday DESTROYED gun-grabber Craig Williams!

Craig Williams’ statewide political aspirations got flushed down the toilet of Pennsylvania history, and that’s where it belongs.

Sunday’s victory sets the stage for a November matchup between him and Eugene DePasquale, a Leftist gun-grabber for control of Pennsylvania’s top law enforcement office!

Pennsylvania House

In District 11, pro-gun incumbent and 100% survey-signer Marci Mustello defeated her opponent for the Republican nomination and with no Democrat challenger in the General Election, she will continue to serve Butler County for another two years!

In District 55, PFA survey signer and incumbent Jill Cooper emerged victorious in her Republican Primary and will be returning to Harrisburg next General Assembly.

In District 63, pro-gun candidate Josh Bashline won his 4-way primary for the Republican nomination and will most likely cruise to victory in the General Election to replace outgoing State Rep Donna Oberlander!

But with each candidate in the race having completed their candidate questionnaire 100% in favor of our gun rights, gun owners couldn’t lose!

One of the biggest takedowns of the entire night happened In District 80, PFA “Aq” Rated pro-gun candidate Scott Barger DEFEATED incumbent Jim Gregory, who received an “F” rating from PFA for his treachery when he nominated and voted for a gun-grabbing Democrat to be Speaker of the Pennsylvania House.

Scott Barger will most likely cruise to victory in November to serve gun owners in Blair and Huntingdon Counties in Harrisburg!

In District 90, PFA 100% survey-signer Chad Reichard secured the Republican nomination. And with no Democrat challenger in this race, Chad will be in Harrisburg to represent this Franklin County district next January!

In District 92, PFA “Aq” Rated pro-gun candidate Marc Anderson emerged victorious in his 5-way primary to replace the Conservative outgoing State Rep. Dawn Keefer!

In District 109, “A+” rated Rob Leadbeter TROUNCED his opponent, Matt Yoder, in Columbia County and virtually guaranteed to be serving gun owners in this district in Harrisburg for another two years!

Matt Yoder received an “F” rating for refusing to complete his PFA candidate questionnaire, and for not publicly opposing the Radical Left’s gun-control agenda for Pennsylvania!

In District 117, PFA “Aq” Rated pro-gun candidate Jaime Walsh appears to have defeated incumbent Mike Cabell by a total of 8 votes! And with no Democrat challenger in November, and assuming that the results remain the same, Jaime will serve Luzerne County gun owners in Harrisburg next session!

In District 139, PFA 100% survey-signer Jeff Olsommer emerged victorious in this Special Election and will be seated in Harrisburg soon! Jeff will face off against Democrat Robin Skibber in November.

And there are PLENTY more unchallenged pro-gun candidates who won their primary elections last night!

The Official Beginning

As I sit here writing this breakdown, the person I want to thank the most is you, Rob.

Because of you and people like you from every corner of the state, this was a WIDLY successful republican primary election for the Pennsylvania Firearms Association!

We’ve always said that the Pennsylvania Republican Primaries are when PFA’s grassroots army does their best “lobbying,” and boy did you deliver.

The Pennsylvania Firearms Association was outspent by the compromisers and the gun-grabbers by orders of magnitude in these elections, but PFA’s grassroots army is better than every other political force in Pennsylvania, and we proved that when gun voters across the state showed up in a BIG way.

Because of you and your support for the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, PFA was able to spend tens of THOUSANDS of dollars exposing anti-gun RINOs and educating gun voters on where their candidates really stood.

But now that the Republican Primaries are over, we are turning our gaze back to the Capitol in Harrisburg to stop gun-control in the Pennsylvania House and Senate, and to get ready for the General Election on November 5th.

We’ve got a lot of work to do here at PFA when it comes to making forward progress on gun rights in Pennsylvania.

I hope you’ll join with us in that effort by making a VICTORY chip-in contribution today, in honor of all of the success that you and I have enjoyed – and to help us continue fighting for you in Harrisburg!

Whether you can afford to give $100, $25, or even $17.76, we would be honored to have your support for all the fights still to come!

This is YOUR victory, and you dang well deserve it.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

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