Three Traitor Republicans PASS Gun Control!

I’m going to get right to some bad news and then back up a little bit and explain what happened.

House Bill 777 just passed the Pennsylvania House chamber by a vote of 104 to 97.

Here’s what happened.

All morning, HB777 was not on the House Calendar or even the ‘marked’ calendar, meaning that it was not scheduled for a vote… officially.

But in a devious last-minute move, the Democrats added HB777 to a supplemental calendar, bypassed the general public and called it straight to the floor for final consideration!

(Of course, the supplemental calendar was not even released to the public until minutes before the bill was brought up)

Thankfully, pro-gun Representative Aaron Bernstine was ready and made a motion that called the bill into question based on its constitutionality.

Rep. Tim Bonner backed him up, beautifully articulated the meaning of the Second Amendment and how U.S. Supreme Court precedent has backed that up, especially with the landmark 2022 gun case, Heller.

But sadly, the Republicans did not have enough votes to stop the Democrats because Republican Representative Joe Kerwin is currently serving America on an active deployment, and Bernstine’s motion failed by a vote of 101 to 100.

Of course, once the constitutionality of the bill was (wrongly) upheld, the Democrats jumped up and shouted about how we need to give up our rights so the criminals can run wild and free while gun owners like you and me are left defenseless against tyrants and criminals alike.

But here’s where it got treacherous.

After debate and when the final vote was taken, HB777 passed by a vote of 104 to 97.

Three traitorous RINO’s, who only minutes before had voted that HB777 was unconstitutional, switched parties, joined the Democrats and voted YES on HB777!

Here are their names:

Joe Hogan

KC Tomlinson

Martina White

These three Republicans are sellouts, traitors, Benedict Arnolds, whatever name you want to call them.

And yes, all three of these Reps joined the Democrats last May and voted for Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration, and both Joe Hogan and KC Tomlinson ALSO voted for ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation as well!

Remember them.

Remember their names.

Nobody needs enemies with friends like Joe Hogan, KC Tomlinson and Martina White.

We now have more work ahead of us in the Pennsylvania Senate than we would have if the Republicans had been unanimous in their opposition to HB777, but we’re not afraid of it.

We’ll have an action item for you SOON targeting your State Senator, but we wanted you to hear this from us right away.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association