Call to Action in Pennsylvania

The knives intended for the backs of gun owners don’t just come from anti-gun Democrats anymore.

And it isn’t just Pennsylvania Republicans with an angry finger pointed at them.

Around the country, Republicans passed the anti-gun “Fix NICS” bill in Congress last year.

Republicans in their state senate passed the “SAFE Act” in New York.

Republicans in Florida passed a monstrous gun-control bill after the Parkland killings.

And everybody knows now that Republicans in Pennsylvania passed HB2060, giving Governor Wolf a big win while giving the gun owners that elected them NOTHING.

But Governor Wolf and the turncoat Republicans in Harrisburg are not content to stop there!

Next on their agenda is “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders,” and Pennsylvania Firearms Association was started to mobilize a grassroots ARMY against them!

Red Flag Gun Confiscation orders are the biggest gun-control threat we face because gun-grabbers in both parties are foaming at the mouth to pass them.

Simply put, Red Flag Gun Confiscation orders destroy due process for gun owners by allowing for gun confiscation with no charge, no trial, and no conviction.

And the Red Flag bills that have been introduced in Harrisburg are some of the nastiest in the country, and include “ex-parte” hearings.

An “ex-parte” emergency protection order allows someone to petition a court to have your firearms taken away at a hearing you don’t even know is taking place.

No retaining counsel. No offering counter-evidence. No refuting of “evidence” brought forward by the accuser.


Due process is destroyed.

And if the court sides with the accuser, the first time a gun owner would know that he or she has been stripped of their Right to Keep and Bear Arms is when the local sheriff is knocking at their door, warrant in hand, to search your house and confiscate your firearms and ammunition.

Can you imagine the incentive your spouse would have if you were both in the middle of a nasty divorce case to petition the court to have your gun rights taken away?

Or imagine how an “ex parte” emergency gun violence protection order would be used against you by a crazy, weeping ex or girlfriend if you were in child custody court?

It is easy to see how this undermines the very foundation of our American freedoms.

Due process is fundamental to our freedom and has for generations made America the envy of people all over the world!

But long-term, however, it’s even worse.

Republican gun-grabbers like Senator Thomas Killion and Representative Todd Stephens KNOW that getting this legislation passed is the proverbial “getting the camel’s nose under the wall of the tent.”

Passing these bills into law is critical in Big Gun Control’s long-term mission of expanding gun-confiscation by declaration, rather than adjudication.

In the future, gun-grabbers would expand and increase gun confiscation by simply amending the Red Flag section of Pennsylvania law every time a madmen kills innocent people.

With patriotism and love for America increasingly under attack, it isn’t hard to imagine twenty years from now people who talk about “the Founding Fathers” or “the Second Amendment” having that used against them in the courts to have their gun rights taken away.

That’s why Pennsylvania Firearms Association is getting to work mobilizing the grassroots ARMY of gun owners across Pennsylvania that are currently silent.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling some of the efforts we intend to undertake in our mission to make gun owners in Pennsylvania a feared political fighting force!

If you share our desire to get gun owners mobilized to stand up and FIGHT BACK, please please consider a generous contribution to our efforts.

Bloomberg, his front groups like Moms Demand Action, and other freedom hating groups like Sandy Hook promise are spending big.

And we’ve all seen their rallies and lobby efforts enough to know that they’re organized and they’re well-funded.

If we don’t fight back fire with fire, we’re toast.

If you can afford a major contribution of $250, $500 or even $1,000, we’ve never needed it more than we do right now.

But if that’s completely out of reach, we understand. Everybody has to live within their budget.

So if $100, $50 or even $35 is more appropriate, we can spend it wisely where it’ll make the most impact.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Political Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association