McConnell: “I support gun control!”

This is the headline sweeping the internet right now.

NRA endorsed RINO Republicans are lining up with Chuck Schumer to pass some form of gun control bill, the text of which has not been released yet.

What we know is that Red Flag Gun Confiscation FUNDING for all 50 states is reported to be a big part of this package, but the GOP is getting MASSIVE pushback from gun owners, saying they do NOT want Red Flags.

Even Tucker Carlson came out with a 17 minute monologue SLAMMING Red Flag Gun Confiscations as wholly unethical, unconstitutional and unamerican!

Since you and I and countless thousands of gun owners have made our voices thunder in D.C., we’re hearing rumblings within the Senate that perhaps Red Flag Gun Confiscations is going “a bit too far.”

What that tells us is that it’s time to DOUBLE DOWN on the pressure.

Don’t think for a moment that we can’t sway the outcome of this bill or this vote. Gun owners are a massively potent force in American politics, and we simply need to demand that our Senators both VOTE NO and stand up against all other sellouts who are standing in our way!


This fight isn’t over till it’s over and every day that passes gives us more time to gut this bill.

So I hope you’ll let our Senators know what you think about this proposed GUN CONTROL bill right away by clicking the link above!

And then help us with a special donation to our “DEFEAT FEDERAL RED FLAG GUN CONFISCATION” fund right away!

Every penny of this fund is going directly into pressuring our U.S. Senators to oppose Red Flags and gut this new gun control proposal.

We’ll have more information as things change, so stay tuned for our updates from D.C.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association