PA Action Alert: Possible Vote on Constitutional Carry this week!

PFA capitol sources are confirming that Constitutional Carry (SB565) has been moved to the Senate calendar and could be up for a floor vote this week!

This is a great opportunity to make massive progress, but we’ve gotta’ HAMMER DOWN!

If this vote doesn’t happen, it will be because the Senate Republican Leadership team got scared or buckled.

Senate President Pro Tem Jake Corman and Majority Leader Kim Ward in particular are being pressured and attacked by the radical left, the fake news and the Red Shirt Radicals from Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand [some] Action to try to get them to scuttle the vote!

While that may not phase people like you or me if we had the opportunity to vote on pro-gun bills, politicians who make it their life’s mission not to ruffle feathers get weak in the knees.

And when they’re under that much attack, they want to do anything they can to get out from under the pressure.

That’s why they need to hear from YOU so they stand strong and refuse to cave!

So please call Jake Corman and Kim Ward’s offices and tell them to put Sen. Dush’s Constitutional Carry bill on the floor and pound it out of the Senate!

Senate President Pro Tem Jake Corman – (717) 772-3146

Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward – (717) 787-6063

Make sure they know that it is time for them to stand up and FIGHT BACK against the Left if they expect us to fight for them in upcoming elections!

Last week’s election victories all went to politicians who are fighting back without apology against the Communist Left.

Tell Corman and Ward that the best way to do that is to ram Constitutional Carry through the Senate and don’t look back.

So please call them right away, and when you are finished please share this email with your friends and ask them to do the same!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association