PA Alert: More Gun-Control Introduced in Harrisburg

The Marxist Left is pure cancer.

At every level you can think of — from globalists in Europe and Asia, to the radicalized lunatics in the Democrat party, to their friends in every level of the Fake News media – the cultural Marxists that are trying to destroy America and re-write history are ratcheting up their attack on freedom.

And this cancer exists in Pennsylvania just as bad, if not worse, as any other state in America.

That’s why they are filing gun-control bills in Harrisburg right and left.

➜➜ Just a few days ago, they filed HB1810, which is a straight-up, complete and total firearms registration and databasing bill.

If you dream about being treated like a third-world peasant in a banana republic where only the dictator and his murderous thug friends have firearms, this is the bill for you.

This legislation would make you and me a FELON for each gun we refuse to register with Tom Wolf’s State Police.

You know that FN SCAR-H you’ve been eyeballing? Like any common sex-offender who got convicted of being a pedophile, you’d have to go down to your local government office, get fingerprinted, give them your social security number, your address, your mugshot and likely photographs and serial numbers of the firearms.

Oh, and don’t forget to pony up your annual registration fee, peasant!

But they didn’t stop there.

➜➜ Just on Friday morning, Philly Democrat Representative MaryLouise Isaacson introduced HB1831, which tries to impose “voting restrictions” on the right of self-defense.

By introducing this bill (and HB393!), Democrats and weak Republicans in Harrisburg are trying to outlaw and ban the sale of firearms and ammo online.

Do you enjoy having ammo delivered right to your front door, Michelle?

Or how about shopping around for the best deals on parts, lowers or even complete firearms online?

If we don’t take threats like these seriously and stop these bills before they pass, you would be a FELON, Michelle.

➜➜ They have also introduced HB770, which would completely ban HUNDREDS of pistols, rifles, shotguns and magazines that hold over 10 or more rounds.

In fact, they made the scope of this bill so comprehensive that you’d have to fork over your Glock 19 that you carry every day for self-defense.

And then your kids or your grandkids (and of course you too!) would have to fork over their Ruger 10/22 rifles.

So to be clear, the Democrat Communists and backstabbing Republicans in Harrisburg (like Representative Todd Stephens) want to ban and confiscate nearly every firearm you own, and then force you to register yourself in their database like a pedophile for any remaining relic or antique firearms you dare to still keep.

And if they can’t accomplish their goals with the help of some of the traitorous Republicans we currently have in Harrisburg, you can be damned sure that they’ll be trying to cram every single piece of this legislation down our throats if they flip control of our General Assembly in Harrisburg!

But they have a huge problem on their hands, because there is an 800lb silverback gorilla standing square in the middle of their path forward to total tyranny, POUNDING its chest and saying HELL NO!

You, me and the massive army of people joining the ranks of the Pennsylvania Firearms Association are that gorilla.

In fact, PFA is the only group in Pennsylvania that is actually doing the hard work of raising an army, pulling people from every cubby, every corner of every counter in the state and equipping them to join us in this fight.

Because the ONLY way to beat these communist bastards back into the communist hellholes they come from is through overwhelming force!

We’re fighting like hell, but we need your help to get far more people to join our fight with you and me.

Will you stand with us?

The best way for you to do that right now is with as generous of a donation to Pennsylvania Firearms Association that you can make today!

The legislature is coming back into session in just a few weeks.

That means right now is the perfect time to focus on getting bigger, and the only way we can do that is with your generous support.

Whether that is $250, $100, $50 or $25 – or ANY amount – your generosity now will pay off big in the future!

If we aren’t prepared, the hits are gonna keep on coming. Help fight back NOW!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association