What about Wolf’s Veto of Constitutional Carry?

This is a thorough and complete answer to the question, “why did we work so hard to pass Constitutional Carry if Governor Wolf was just going to veto the bill?”

Please read this email in its entirety and, when you are finished, please forward it to any family or friends who might have had the same question!


As the whole state likely knows and as every gun blog and fake news outlet in America has been writing about, Constitutional Carry has passed the Pennsylvania General Assembly for the first time ever!

Introduced many times in the past to no avail, on Tuesday, November 16, SB565 passed the Pennsylvania House by a vote of 107 YES votes to 92 NO votes.

Having passed the Senate previously by 29 YES votes to 21 NO votes, the bill now goes to Governor Wolf.



Friend, the reason why Constitutional Carry passed in 2021 and not before is because YOU, the members and supporters of Pennsylvania Firearms Association (PFA), all marched in lockstep together and made it happen.

The fact of the matter is that PFA’s efforts to build a massive, statewide, grassroots army of gun owners are paying off as PFA’s army is quickly and obviously becoming a devastatingly effective political fighting force.

It needs to be, and we have much more work we are doing on that front.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Comrade Tom Wolf will likely veto the bill that we just passed.

If Governor Wolf vetoes, the only way to enact Constitutional Carry during this General Assembly is to override his veto in a veto-override session of the General Assembly, which would require two-thirds majority votes in both chambers: 134 in the house, and 33 in the Senate.

And that likely won’t happen.


So this all begs the question: “Why did PFA and gun owners across the state push so hard for the General Assembly to pass the bill in the first place if Governor Wolf is going to veto all our hard work?”

The question is an obvious one, but the answer is not.

This email is intended to provide answers for those of you asking yourselves that question.

As a multi-state gun-rights director who lives and breathes the gritty details of the political battle for gun freedoms every day and has for over a decade in major battleground states like Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota and Georgia, my biggest fantasy is gun rights bills that get introduced, passed and signed into law on the first attempt.

But because the enemy we face in the Marxist-Left is well-funded, well-oiled and outright owns the Democrat party and the entire Fake News media, massive success on the first attempt rarely happens in American gun politics.

So it takes more work.


Now, what I’m about to tell you isn’t something you’ll hear from any other organization because no other organizations have any experience with this, but the best example of PFA’s Major Operations Plan for dealing with Wolf’s veto is the state of Missouri in 2016.

(NOTE: we fully expect other entities and organizations to adopt the following example in an effort to appear as if they knew what they were doing this whole time,)

In 2016, the Missouri state government makeup was identical to Pennsylvania’s current makeup: a Republican-controlled state House, a Republican-controlled state Senate and a radical Democrat – Jay Nixon – in the governor’s mansion.

As the legislative liaisons to the Missouri Legislature for the Missouri Firearms Coalition (MOFC) in 2016, my brother Aaron Dorr and I worked with then-state representative Eric Burlison to pass his Constitutional Carry bill.

Up until the day we walked in Representative Burlison’s door, the fake news media, NRA lobbyists and other “national” gun rights organizations foolishly said that Constitutional Carry couldn’t pass in Missouri because of the threat of a veto from Governor Nixon.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day and I was born to fight for gun rights, so we went to war anyway.

The members of MOFC, just like PFA members and supporters, knew that Governor Nixon could never get the blame for vetoing Constitutional Carry if Republican in their legislature didn’t take the important first step of passing the bill in the first place.

So the members of MOFC hammered Constitutional Carry through the legislature, blasting through several legislative roadblocks and steamrolling several RINO backstabbers along the way.

And sure enough, Nixon vetoed the bill.


Although Pennsylvania Firearms Association is only a few years old, PFA’s no-holds-barred, brass-knuckled executive team has been involved in state-level gun politics for longer than anyone in America, delivering big wins in Ohio, Iowa, Wyoming, Minnesota and Missouri on massive issues like Stand-Your-Ground law, Constitutional Carry, defeating Red-Flag gun-control bills and more.

When Democrat Jay Nixon vetoed Constitutional Carry in Missouri in 2016, MOFC had a plan of action ready to execute.

MOFC immediately went to work making Constitutional Carry a statewide election issue in the 2016 elections and were hugely successful.

Jay Nixon, the Democrat who vetoed Constitutional Carry, was term limited, just like Tom Wolf is termed out in 2022, and Eric Greitens, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, was running against Democrat nominee Chris Koster in the 2016 general elections.

By making the veto of Constitutional Carry a statewide election issue, gun owners were able to hang Nixon’s veto of Constitutional Carry around Democrat Chris Koster’s neck and bury him with it that November by electing Republican Eric Greitens.


Just like in Missouri, we have been preparing for Governor Tom Wolf to veto Constitutional Carry all along.

Because if we had not been, we would not have been doing our jobs.

Other groups, blogs and personalities who are seriously urging you to contact Governor Wolf and beg him not to veto Constitutional Carry are not dealing in political reality.

Governor Wolf is a committed, Marxist revolutionary in every sense of the word.

Comrade Wolf is an ideologue, a rabid anti-gun radical whose entire career is a showcase of commitment to deconstructing, dismantling and destroying the Second Amendment, our beautiful constitution and every principle that made America greater than every country in human history.

Hoping that Tom Wolf will sign the bill is like hoping Nancy Pelosi would impeach Joe Biden right after she repeals the National Firearms Act. It ain’t gonna’ happen.


For years in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the fight for gun rights has been sabotaged and attacked within the Republican legislative caucuses by anti-gun Republicans like Chris Quinn and Todd Stephens.

Bought and paid for by Bloomberg, these traitors worked deliberately and methodically within their caucuses to waylay pro-gun bills and advance gun-control bills.

Many of them outright introduced gun-control bills like Red Flag Gun Confiscation for Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action.”

Specifically, these RINOS had two mission objectives as Bloomberg’s operatives within the Republican caucus.

  • Put pressure on House and Senate Leadership to kill pro-gun bills before they came to the floor for a vote in order to prevent pro-gun bills from gaining momentum.

The radical left knows that the best way to kill Constitutional Carry and other pro-gun bills is to prevent them from ever getting traction, and pressuring leadership from within a caucus is very effective, as we saw last summer.

  • Normalize the push for gun-control within the Republican caucus.

Whenever a mass-shooting tragedy happens, traitors like Christopher Quinn would immediately spring into action to try to convince as many of their Republican colleagues that passing devastating gun-control laws like “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

In other words, these awful people existed solely to serve as a gun-control cancer in the Republican caucus in order to spread their infection to other members.

And they did all of this from political cover, always campaigning at election time as “pro-gun.”

That all went right out the window when they were forced to expose themselves during the floor votes on Constitutional Carry.

The vote exposed people we always knew were slimeballs but were had no official “record” on gun rights: Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson, Todd Stephens, Chris Quinn, Wendi Thomas, and Tarah Toohil and others.

And now, PFA has a list of backstabbing traitors to the gun-rights cause that we can go after and expose to gun voters in their districts at election time – when the accountability hurts them the very most.


Muscles that do not get exercised quickly atrophy, shrivel, wither away and become useless.

So too do Republican majorities who do not exercise their pro-gun voting abilities.

In state after state all across America, dating back even decades, Republican majorities that did not diligently advocate and vote for their gun-rights base quickly withered and died.

Georgia, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Illinois – these are all examples of states that used to reliably vote for Republicans.

But along the way, Republicans in these states lost their way, stopped protecting and defending people’s civil rights, and the Radical Left quickly took over.

By forcing Pennsylvania Republicans to take votes on major pro-gun bills like Constitutional Carry and using those votes at election time, pro-gun voters are able to make far better decisions about who to vote for and who to punish!

And over time, as gun voters reward champions, boot out corrupt RINOS and install pro-gun replacements, a General Assembly improves rather than declines, and our kids’ and grandkids’ freedoms are better protected.

(Note: that improvement also carries over to many other issues that conservative voters care about)


The General Assembly’s vote to pass Constitutional Carry only to have it vetoed by the Governor doesn’t limit its benefit to our ability to improve the legislature, however.

As we mentioned in our example of Missouri, gun owners in Pennsylvania have a far greater opportunity to use the vote and Wolf’s subsequent veto:

The 2022 Pennsylvania Governor’s Race.

Pennsylvania is a pro-gun state. There is no question about this.

Philly and Pittsburgh Democrats and their pals in the fake news want you to believe that people who love gun rights are a small, vocal minority in Pennsylvania, but they are 100% wrong about the “small” adjective.

The pro-gun vote in Pennsylvania is an overwhelming majority of Pennsylvania citizens.

And because of that, the Left always does everything they can to keep the issue of gun-rights from becoming a statewide election issue!

Pennsylvania Firearms Association will be 100% engaged in the Pennsylvania Governor’s race, aggressively surveying the Republican candidates to see who is and who is not pro-gun.

Specifically, part of our survey program will include determining whether or not they will, if elected, sign major pro-gun bills like Constitutional Carry or the Second Amendment Preservation Act and whether or not they will veto gun-control bills.

We will be doing this through a series of written surveys, in-person meetings and public interview forums on our social media pages.

And unlike the NRA and other organizations, our survey results will be available for the entire world to see, so that gun owners can make their own decisions about which gubernatorial candidate will fight for gun rights the best!

But far more than just telling voters where each candidate stands, PFA will work tirelessly to make sure that gun voters statewide know about any anti-gun records, votes or statements candidates may have but who don’t want gun voters to know.

PFA has the best ad writers and media buyers in the business.

Our exposure campaigns are the most ruthless, brutal and devastating to political careers in the state of Pennsylvania because we’ve executed them many times before in other states – with a smashing record of success and wins.


Simply put, passing Constitutional Carry out of the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 2021 is exactly what PFA needed:

  1. It enabled us to put in motion our Major Operations Plan to punish RINOS and improve the General Assembly to start removing the threats against our gun rights from within the Republican Caucus.
  2. Governor Wolf’s veto tees up gun rights as a statewide election issue in a year when the conservative base is angry and looking for revenge.
  3. Provides a substantial and real opportunity for gun owners to clean sweep the legislative and gubernatorial elections in 2022 and win total victory for gun rights in 2023 by passing and signing Constitutional Carry and the Second Amendment Preservation Act into law while totally defeating every single gun-control bill in Harrisburg!


When the smoke cleared in 2016, Missouri Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Koster’s political career was convulsing in the gutters of Missouri history because gun voters destroyed him at the ballot box out of pure revenge for his predecessor’s veto.

Because gun owners cleaned house, Missouri today has Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law and passed the only Second Amendment Preservation Act language in America that employs real 10th Amendment safeguards for Missourian’s gun rights.

That can and will be Pennsylvania – IF we all band together and fight like hell.

But Pennsylvania Firearms Association can only go to war if we have the army we need to win, and that’s why I’m asking for your help.

If you can afford a maximum contribution of $5,000, $2,500 or $1,000, we gratefully will put it to work immediately.

Not everyone can afford to give a contribution of such magnitude, and I know that.

But any contribution, whether that’s $500, $250, $100, $50, $35 or $20 will help us prepare for the battle we know we can win.

We can win, and we can win bigger than anyone ever imagined, and Pennsylvania Firearms Association has the winning Major Operation Plan and our members and supporters have the True Grit to make it happen.

So please consider a generous donation today, and get ready for a fight.

For Pennsylvania,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. If you have been wondering why PFA bothered pushing so hard and so aggressively to pass Constitutional Carry when Governor Wolf will most likely just veto the bill, the email above is for you.

The fact is, Goliath never stood a chance against David and Pennsylvania Firearms Association is recruiting, growing and equipping an ARMY of fearless Americans like you from every corner of Pennsylvania!

Our early victory in achieving total passage of Constitutional Carry will not go to waste as we build massive support for gun-rights within the Republican caucuses in Harrisburg and as we gear up for the war of determining who Pennsylvania’s next Governor will be.

We we ever afraid of a veto from Tom Wolf?

Hell no.

Please read the email above to find out exactly how Pennsylvania Firearms Association is the only organization in the state ready, willing and able to capitalize on this tremendous win for gun rights and how we will ride it all the way into total victory!

And please consider giving a generous contribution to Pennsylvania Firearms Association so we can put this plan into action!

Whether you can afford $5,000, $5 or anywhere in between, please be as generous as you are able!