Constitutional Carry Vote TOMORROW!

BREAKING NEWS: Constitutional Carry has cleared its final procedural hurdle in the House and now it is ready for a FLOOR VOTE!

But it wasn’t without incident.

On the House floor tonight, amendment after anti-gun amendment was offered to SB565, and each one was soundly defeated by House Republicans!

Representative Aaron Bernstine stood up, spoke truth about the bill, and made a motion to table every amendment in their entirety.

Speaker Bryan Cutler did a fantastic job defending the bill and halting the sabotage and barrage of attacks to Constitutional Carry from the radical left.

House Majority Floor Leader Kerry Benninghoff, who PFA has put considerable pressure on, did a great job standing up in support for Bernstine’s motion, which passed!

The only action left on the table is a full floor vote.

Debate for that vote is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00AM.

But we can’t afford to just sit around and find out!

These next 14 hours of this fight are going to be CRITICAL to make sure the job gets done – our Representatives need to be hearing constantly from folks like you and me!

Because if they aren’t hearing from folks like us, we know who they will be hearing from…

…Michael Bloomberg’s minions.

So please fire off a brand new email to your State Representative encouraging them to stand STRONG, fight the radical left, ignore the fake news media, and vote YES on Senator Dush’s Constitutional Carry bill!


Make sure your spouse or significant other and your pro-gun buddies do the same, folks.

It’s go time – don’t take your foot off the gas!

For Gun Rights,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association