New Week: New Opportunity to FIGHT

The House is meeting again this week, and with that are new opportunities to bring the heat for our Second Amendment freedoms!

I’m talking about Constitutional Carry and the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

We know that Speaker Bryan Cutler and the Republican majority in the House ain’t doin’ their jobs to protect and expand our gun rights.

We know that they would rather lie to you about how ‘pro-gun’ they are at election time and do a little less than bare minimum during session, let alone vote on the huge common-sense gun bills like these that other states are passing.

And we know that instead of voting for the bills like they promised that they would rather gaslight gun owners and blame you and me for their own failure to act.

But here’s what we don’t know:

How much political pain will Pennsylvania Firearms Association’s members and supporters like you need to pile on before they DO start taking action to defend our gun-rights against the Left?

We would be lying if we said we were not eager to find out, and you can help us do that!

That’s why I’m asking that you send your pre-written email NOW demanding that the House Republican leadership team actually LEAD and bring these pro-gun bills up for a vote!


As you know, the career-politicians in House Leadership like Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff are refusing to bring Constitutional Carry (HB659) up for a vote.

And the politicians on the House Judiciary committee haven’t done much to advance SAPA law (HB1696) either with zero forward-motion since it was referred there back in June.

This cannot continue because it is not acceptable.

That’s why we need to generate MASSIVE pressure on these politicians to get these bills rolling.

The fact is, gun owners deserve votes. And we deserve to see how they vote.

As gun owners are used to hearing from the Marxist Left, “If they have nothing to hide, they should have nothing to be afraid of!”

If they claim they are on our side, they need to PROVE it by putting these bills up for votes and running them on the floor of the House.

This isn’t asking for much.

All we are insisting upon is that they restore our constitutional rights and to protect those rights from the unconstitutional, tyrannical edicts spewing out of the O’Biden-Pelosi-Schumer Regime.

That’s it.

And with a Republican ‘pro-gun’ Majority, it shouldn’t be as difficult as they are making it out to be.

Unfortunately, the Republicans are forcing you and me to hammer the ever-living-political-daylights out of them, and we can do that by constant and continual action.


If you’ve already sent an email, PLEASE SEND IT AGAIN.

If you haven’t shared the action link with your friends before, PLEASE SHARE IT.


It is going to take an effort that only the PFA army of grassroots gun owners is capable of sustaining if we are going to be successful.

In the coming days we are going to unleash an intense texting, phone call and digital campaign, and your contributions are making it possible.

Every penny we raise goes straight to PFA’s ability to put maximum pressure on these politicians, and they surely have earned it!

As before, whether you can give $500, $5 or anywhere in between, it is go-time.

But the absolute, most important thing I’m trying to stress to you is to take action daily and do everything you can to get your friends to do the same.

More later.

~~ Rob Knisley
Political Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association