Our ‘leaders’ won’t. Will you?

When it comes to passing Constitutional Carry through the Pennsylvania General Assembly, there are two politicians in particular who are getting in the way of gun owners getting the full-blown floor votes that they deserve.

Those two people are House Majority Floor Leader Kerry Benninghoff and Senate President Pro Tem Jake Corman.

These guys think they’ve done enough for gun owners like you and me, but they sure have not.

They don’t like it when good people like you and me insist that they do far better and far more than they have been in terms of fighting for, advancing, protecting and restoring our gun rights.

And they don’t like it that gun owners across the state hammered Constitutional Carry out of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees before they even knew what was happening!

But now, instead of doing the jobs they campaigned on and were elected to do by scheduling the vote and putting the bills on the floor for passage, they’re stalling.

The reason why is because they are protecting their RINO colleagues from being forced to take this vote just so that their RINO buddies can play pro-gun to their pro-gun voters and anti-gun to their anti-gun Commie voters back home.

And as gun owners all know, when politicians are allowed to play both sides against each other, that road leads straight to freedom’s hell.

The Constitutions of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are clear – we have a God-given right to keep and bear arms for our self-defense.


And this is something that no Government can restrict or infringe upon.

So we gotta’ fight back, and fight hard!

Please watch the video I prepared for you recorded on these two choke-artists and learn more about what you can do to help push Constitutional Carry here in PA:

The fact is, when the politicians in Harrisburg are trying to get us to back off or give lame excuses as to why they cannot and will not do their jobs – remember, they work for you.

And just because they have some Benedict Arnolds in their caucus doesn’t give Republican Leaders permission to block the votes We the People deserve and instead protect their corrupt caucus members.

So please check out my video above detailing all of this and what we need to do to get Constitutional Carry passed in the House and Senate.

Take action today by sending a pre-written message to Kerry Benninghoff and Jake Corman that we’ve prepared for you right away! 🔽🔽

When you’ve done that, please consider a generous donation to the Pennsylvania Firearms Association so we can generate MAXIMUM pressure on the politicians and build a HUGE grassroots army of gun owners and gun rights supporters.

Any amount helps, but if you can afford $100, $50, or at least $25, we will make sure to give this fight everything we’ve got!

But most importantly, please watch my video above and take action today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association