Status Update on Constitutional Carry

As you have no doubt heard, Constitutional Carry has passed the Pennsylvania Senate!

This bill is barreling forward in Harrisburg, and it’s only because of the hard work and dedicated activism being put into it by PFA members and supporters like you!

On Tuesday night before the final passage vote, the Marxists pretending to be Democrats in the Pennsylvania Senate went berserk, trying to amend Constitutional Carry with every gun-control bill on Michael Bloomberg’s wish list you can think of, like Universal Gun Registration, Red Flag Gun Confiscation and more.

But because of the huge amounts of pressure you and thousands like you had heaped on the capitol building, the Senate Republican caucus did a great job by standing firm and defeating every single effort to torpedo the bill.

We particularly enjoyed watching Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward use tabling motions to sideline their motions, and we LOVED it when Senator Doug Mastriano stood up and put several of their arguments in the dirt using pure American common sense.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

The dishonorable mention award for the evening went to RINO trashball Senator “Tommy” Tomlinson (R – Bensalem) who voted with the radical left, Hate-America democrats to nuke the bill on the Senate floor.

Thankfully, your pressure was enough to keep other moderates from flaking off, and SB565 gloriously sailed out of the Pennsylvania Senate by a vote of 29-21 for the first time in Pennsylvania history!

SB565 went straight over into the House Judiciary Committee, and chairman Rob Kauffman immediately took the bill up and passed it out of committee and sent it to the House, where it is now ready for a full vote!

We also need to mention that every Republican on the committee voted for the bill, except for one of the biggest losers in all of Pennsylvania history, “Republican” Representative Todd Stephens.

(Note: Stephens is widely despised in the gun rights community for his eagerness to prostitute himself for Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control groups, and routinely sponsors Red Flag gun confiscation for their favor)

Thankfully, Stephens was unsuccessful at stopping the bill and now Constitutional Carry’s fate rests in the hand of one man: House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff.

As you’ll remember, Benninghoff is the guy who blocked the House version of this bill, HB659 by Representative Aaron Bernstine, before the House went on summer break back in July in order to protect RINOS like Todd Stephens, Chris Quinn and others.

PFA has already unleashed an ad into Benninghoff’s district to make sure that Benninghoff is hearing directly from the gun owners that elected him, but we need your help in the meantime!

Please call Kerry Benninghoff’s office at (717) 783-1918 and urge him to bring Constitutional Carry to the floor of the House and call the vote quickly, BEFORE Thanksgiving break!

And I’m hoping you’ll act today and get as many others to take action as you can.

You see, there are only five legislative days left on the calendar this year – so we don’t have much time.

We don’t want the pressure YOU have been building to deflate over the holidays, so you and I need to bring all the political heat that we can right now!

Call Benninghoff’s office at (717) 783-1918 and stay tuned for more later.

For Freedom,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association