Who is pro-gun in the PA Republican Primary?

The May 17th Pennsylvania Primary is coming fast, early voting starts the end of March, and there is a whole lot riding on the outcome of these elections (whether or not they are fair elections is another matter altogether).

Who will replace Comrade Wolf? Will Toomey’s replacement be as bad as he was on gun-rights?

And who the heck should you vote for in the Pennsylvania legislative primaries?

Those are great questions, and they deserve concrete answers.

That’s why I shot this short video announcing the 2022 Pennsylvania Firearms Association candidate survey program.

Pennsylvania Firearms Association is surveying every candidate running for US Senate, US House, Governor and every legislative race in the state of Pennsylvania, asking the candidates the questions we know they’ll face if they get elected.

The fact is, if a candidate isn’t willing to go on record when they’re trying to get your vote, it’s nearly a guarantee that they’ll stab gun owners in the back once their butts hit the chair in Harrisburg or Washington DC.

We’ll have follow-up emails on our program for you shortly, but we’re eager to provide this service to gun owners all across the state so that everyone can know exactly where the candidates stand before they head to the polls.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association