PFA 2022 General Election Voter Guide

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2022 PA House of Representatives Voter Guide

District Candidate Positive Vote Record/Survey
003 VIDEO Joe Kujawa (R)
Ryan Bizzarro (D)
004 Jake Banta (R)
Chelsea Oliver (D)
005 Barry Jozwiak (R)
006 Bradley Roae (R)
Nerissa Galt (D)
007 VIDEO Parke Wentling (R)
Tim McGonigle (D)
008 Aaron Bernstine (R)
011 Marci Mustello (R)
012 Stephanie Scialabba (R)
Robert Vigue (D)
013 VIDEO John Lawrence (R)
David Cunningham (D)
014 Jim Marshall (R)
Bruce Carper (D)
015 Joshua Kail (R)
016 VIDEO Rico Elmore (R)
Robert Matzie (D)
017 Tim Bonner (R)
018 Kathleen C. Tomlinson (R) *
Laurie Smith (D)
022 Robert Smith (R)
Joshua Siegel (D)
026 VIDEO Timothy Hennessey (R)
Paul Friel (D)
028 VIDEO Rob Mercuri (R)
Alison Duncan (D)
030 VIDEO Cindy Kirk (R)
Arvind Venkat (D)
033 Ted Tomson (R)
Mandy Steele (D)
035 Donald Nevills (R)
Austin Davis (D)
037 Mindy Fee (R)
039 Andrew Kuzma (R)
Richard Self (D)
040 Natalie Mihalek (R)
Chris Todd (D)
041 Brett Miller (R)
043 Keith Greiner (R)
044 VIDEO Valerie Gaydos (R)
Debra Turici (D)
046 Jason Ortitay (R)
047 Joe D’Orsie (R)
048 Timothy O’Neal (R)
049 Anne Rivers (R)
Ismail Smith-Wade-El (D)
050 Bud Cook (R)
Doug Mason (D)
052 Ryan Warner (R)
056 George Dunbar (R)
057 Eric Nelson (R)
058 Eric Davanzo (R)
Ken Bach (D)
059 Leslie Baum Rossi (R)
060 Abby Major (R)
Bob George (D)
062 James Struzzi, II (R)
Brian Doyle (D)
063 Donna Oberlander (R)
064 R. Lee James (R)
065 Kathy Rapp (R)
066 Brian Smith (R)
067 Martin Causer (R)
068 Clint Owlett (R)
069 Carl Metzgar (R)
071 James Rigby (R)
073 Dallas Kephart (R)
075 Mike Armanini (R)
Erica Vogt (D)
076 VIDEO Stephanie Borowicz (R)
Denise Maris (D)
077 Steve Yetsko (R)
H. Scott Conklin (D)
078 Jesse Topper (R)
079 Louis Schmitt, Jr. (R)
080 James Gregory (R)
Kimberly Capenos (D)
081 Richard Irvin (R)
Ian Kidd (D)
084 Joe Hamm (R)
085 David Rowe (R)
086 Perry Stambaugh (R)
088 VIDEO Sheryl Delozier (R)
Sara Agerton (D)
089 Rob Kauffman (R)
090 Paul Schemel (R)
091 Dan Moul (R)
Marty Qually (D)
092 VIDEO Dawn Keefer (R)
Dan Almoney (D)
093 Mike Jones (R)
Chris Rodkey (D)
094 Wendy Fink (R)
097 Steven Mentzer (R) *
098 Tom Jones (R)
Mark Temons (D)
099 David Zimmerman (R)
Joshua Caltagirone (D)
100 Bryan Cutler (R)
102 Russell Diamond (R)
Laura Quick (D)
106 Thomas Mehaffie (R)
108 Lynda Schlegel Culver (R)
109 Robert Leadbeter (R)
Edward Giannattasio (D)
110 Tina Pickett (R)
111 Jonathan Fritz (R)
115 Krista Paolucci (R)
Maureen Madden (D)
116 Dane Watro (R)
Yesenia Rodriguez (D)
119 VIDEO Alec Ryncavage (R)
Vito Malacari (D)
120 VIDEO Aaron Kaufer (R)
Fern Leard (D)
122 Doyle Heffley (R)
Richard Kost (D)
123 Tim Twardzik (R)
Kathleen Benyak (D)
124 James Barton (R)
Tina Burns (D)
125 Joe Kerwin (R)
127 Vincent Gagliardo, Jr. (R)
Manuel Guzman (D)
128 Mark Gillen (R)
130 David Maloney (R)
131 VIDEO Milou Mackenzie (R)
Kevin Branco (D)
134 Brent Labenberg (R)
Peter Schweyer (D)
137 VIDEO Joe Emrick (R)
Anna Thomas (D)
138 Ann Flood (R)
Gene Hunter (D)
139 Joe Adams (R)
Meghan Rosenfeld (D)
143 VIDEO Shelby Labs (R)
Gwendolyn Stoltz (D)
144 VIDEO F. Todd Polinchock (R)
Brian Munroe (D)
145 Craig Staats (R)
James Miller (D)
151 VIDEO Todd Stephens (R) ✘✘*
Melissa Cerrato (D)
152 John Weinrich, Sr. (R)
Nancy Guenst (D)
154 Angelina Banks (R)
Napoleon Nelson (D)
160 Craig Williams (R) ✘✘*
Catherine Spahr (D)
168 VIDEO Chris Quinn (R) ✘✘*
Lisa Borowski (D)
169 Katie Klunk (R)
Isaac Riston (D)
170 Martina White (R) ✘✘*
171 Kerry Benninghoff (R)
Robert Zeigler (D)
176 Jack Rader (R)
Hope Christman (D)
183 Zachary Mako (R)
187 Ryan Mackenzie (R)
193 Torren Ecker (R)
196 Seth Grove (R)
199 Barbara Gleim (R)
Alan Howe (D)

* This Republican actively worked against, voted against, attempted to block, spoke against in caucus or watered down Pennsylvania Firearms Association priority legislation – or has voted for/outright supports gun control legislation.

2022 PA Senate Voter Guide

District Candidate Positive Vote Record/Survey
06 Frank Farry (R)
Ann Marie Mitchell (D)
16 VIDEO Jarrett Coleman (R)
Mark Pinsley (D)
20 VIDEO Lisa Baker (R)
Jackie Baker (D)
24 VIDEO Tracy Pennycuick (R)
Jill Dennin (D)
28 Kristin Phillips-Hill (R)
Judith McCormick Higgins (D)
30 Judith Ward (R)
Carol Taylor (D)
32 Patrick Stefano (R)
Sydney Hovis (D)
34 Greg Rothman (R)
Jim Massey (D)
36 Ryan Aument (R)
38 VIDEO Lori Mizgorski (R) ✘✘*
Lindsey Williams (D)
40 VIDEO Rosemary Brown (R)
Jennifer Shukaitis (D)
46 Camera Bartolotta (R)
48 Chris Gebhard (R)
Calvin Clements (D)
50 Michele Brooks (R)
Rianna Czech (D)

* This Republican actively worked against, voted against, attempted to block, spoke against in caucus or watered down Pennsylvania Firearms Association priority legislation – or has voted for/outright supports gun control legislation.

2022 U.S. Senate Voter Guide

Candidate Positive Vote Record/Survey
Mehmet Oz (R) ﹖﹖﹖
John Fetterman (D)


2022 Gubernatorial Voter Guide

Candidate Positive Vote Record/Survey
Doug Mastriano (R)
Josh Shapiro (D)


Tremendous freedoms hang in the balance in these elections, and all eyes
across America are focused on what happens here.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly elections are critical as gun voters look
to expand pro-gun majorities in Harrisburg and as the Pennsylvania Firearms
Association gears up to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act and
Constitutional Carry, and to block Red Flag Gun Confiscation from being
passed into law.

On the federal level, John Fetterman promises to nuke the filibuster, pack the
United States Supreme Court and back Chuck Schumer’s full-court press to
outlaw the AR15, register all remaining firearms and their owners in a
national database, pass National Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws and
militarize the ATF against the American people.

Mehmet Oz refuses to complete his PFA candidate survey and although has
said supportive things about gun rights more recently, has been a proponent
of Red Flag Gun Confiscation in the past, and refused to answer a question
during the US Senate debate about whether or not he would support gun
control if elected.

When it comes to the race to replace Comrade Wolf in the Governor’s
mansion for the next four years, Josh Shapiro is committed to completely
disarming Pennsylvania gun owners.

Meanwhile, Doug Mastriano has been a champion for gun rights in the
Pennsylvania Senate. Mastriano not only supported and pushed
Constitutional Carry law through the Senate, but he also sponsored the
Second Amendment Preservation Act, which would stop Joe Biden’s gun
control tyranny in its tracks!

But that’s not all. Doug Mastriano signed the PFA candidate survey 100%
pro-gun – promising to sign all pro-gun bills into law as governor and veto
any gun control bills that may get to his desk if elected.

Who should you vote for? That’s your decision to make, and the
Pennsylvania Firearms Association stands ready, willing and able to tackle
every scenario that comes as the result of these elections.

But on November 8th, go to the polls and vote PRO-GUN!