Bloomberg’s Everytown ATTACKS Doug Mastriano

It’s total political war.

And right now, the Communist Left is going all in to get Bloomberg-endorsed Josh Shapiro into the Governor’s Mansion in just a few weeks.

For these triggered nutjobs, having a pro-gun, pro-life, anti-Communist, anti-shutdown, anti-tyranny, pro-freedom American move into the Governor’s Mansion in Harrisburg for the next four years is unthinkable.

If Mastriano wins, the Left knows that every chance they had at passing gun control or at stopping gun-rights bills is probably dead in its tracks.

That’s why Everytown for Gun Confiscation announced a $2.1 MILLION dollar ad buy in the final weeks of these midterms to attack Doug Mastriano!

Naturally, they labeled Mastriano as a “racist” “insurrectionist” who supports murder, but the whole state of Pennsylvania knows that the Left lies through their corrupt hearts in order to win.

I shot this short video pointing out the hypocrisy of the radical Left that I hope you’ll take a moment to watch:

The good news is, Pennsylvania Firearms Association is leading the fight to expose Josh Shapiro for his total support for the gun-control agenda!

In fact, Pennsylvania Firearms Association is fighting back with the hardest-hitting ads of the entire election cycle, like this one:

This ad and more like it have already been seen by tens of thousands of Pennsylvania gun voters 💪 💪!

But we need to reach more – HUNDREDS of thousands more.

This race is the highest gubernatorial race in the United States this election cycle, and it might come down to a few hundred votes.

That’s why every single gun voter in the state needs to turn out, and turn out BIG.

Please chip in $20 or $50 bucks to help us accelerate our spending in the final weeks of this campaign season!


Chris Dorr, Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association