BREAKING: Gun Control Bills Introduced!

You wouldn’t believe what I just saw in my email inbox.

EIGHT gun control bills were just introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate!

See for yourself:

Keep in mind, these don’t include the DOZENS of communist filth that are still being circulated for support behind closed doors!

With Josh Shapiro just sworn in as Governor earlier this week and anti-gun Democrat Mark Rozzi presiding as the House Speaker, Pennsylvania Democrats are wasting ZERO time getting to work passing radical gun control bills!

Even worse, these Radical Leftists feel emboldened to keep pushing now that House Republicans rolled over and let one of their own become Speaker.

We’ve got to stop them now, or its all over for our gun rights!

Help us shut these bills down by bombarding your State Representative and State Senator’s offices with emails demanding they stop, block, and vote NO on all gun control bills that come up in the General Assembly – or face consequences at election time!


We will not comply.

We will not surrender.

We will not accept ANY gun control tyranny.


— Rob