Confidential Memo:

The May primary elections are rapidly approaching.

And the outcome of the 2022 Pennsylvania primaries will determine whether we stop the stealing and take back our freedoms or whether we maintain only the illusion of freedom.

If we lose, the radicalized, Marxist Left will massively accelerate our fast-track to total tyrannical government.

But if we win, there is a very real possibility that we just might win bigger than ever before!

The first fight in these primaries will be determining which candidates will actually stand up and fight back to defend our Second Amendment and our way of life if they get elected, and which candidates are Swamp Monster RINOs just spouting campaign rhetoric to get elected.

The fact is, if backstabbing RINO’s win, they will deliver total victory to the Left, and we will lose everything as the Democrats obliterate the 2nd Amendment by passing Red Flag Gun Confiscation, Government Gun Registration and everything else they want.   

The good news is, Pennsylvania Firearms Association is going to war to make sure every gun owner in the state is activated and mobilized into a political fighting force for the May primary!

In fact, the PFA team has been working for two weeks straight now, and we’ve just put the finishing touches on the Pennsylvania Firearms Association’s critical 2022 primary election plan.

I believe it’s absolutely crucial you review it right away.

And with time running out, I’m counting on your generous financial support to help us put this plan into action.


As you’ll see, I’ve budgeted $122,500 to put the Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition’s plan of attack into action.

Subtracting funds that have already been earmarked for this program, we still must raise $77,600 between now and April 14 to launch the full program.

I know that may sound steep; however, it’s only a fraction of what liberal Super PACS and out-of-state gun control groups and candidates are spending to advance their gun control agenda.

But time is running out — I need to hear from you as soon as possible!

Without your support, I’m afraid we could see an entire slate of anti-gun moderates take charge in Harrisburg next session.

And I can’t begin to explain what a DISASTER that would be.

Instead of building on our success in passing Constitutional Carry through the General Assembly and working to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act, our backs will be against the wall.

Being led by some of the weakest politicians to ever hold office in the Pennsylvania legislature, if even more moderates join their ranks, the legislature will undoubtedly renew their push for a wide array of gun control bills, including:

*** Red Flag Gun Confiscation. This Republican-sponsored legislation (HB1903) would let your ex-spouse, an angry co-worker, or an anti-gun neighbor file a complaint against you in a secret (ex-parte) court hearing that you know nothing about, claiming that you are dangerous.

If the liberal judge agrees, he’ll issue a seizure order and the first you’ll know about it is when your front door is no-knocked at 6am in the morning – without ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime!

*** A mandatory waiting period for all handgun salesPFA members stopped this legislation before, but support for this legislation continues to grow.

Waiting periods are designed to target the law-abiding, because criminals ignore the law completely. Many women have been murdered while waiting for the chance to buy a handgun, by a bitter ex who ignored the law. 

*** A statewide registry of gun and gun owners through universal background checksThis legislation (SB 429) has been making inroads in Harrisburg for the last four years and would give the gun grabbers what they have always wanted – a list of every gun owner in Pennsylvania.

And if you dare to transfer a firearm to someone without going through a background check first, you would be facing FELONY charges — even if you gave a firearm to a member of your own family!

And truth be told, I’m afraid this would only be the start, because when the flood gates open, the Left will do everything they can to turn Pennsylvania into California or New York.

That’s why gun owners need to STAND AND FIGHT NOW!

There are so many races all over our state where Pennsylvania’s gun owners can make a difference, including:

>>>  House District 178.

Wendi Thomas is a dedicated anti-gun Republican in Harrisburg. She did everything she could to kill Constitutional Carry law in 2021 and has been pushing for gun control legislation for years in the Capitol!!

>>>  Senate District 06.

State Senator Robert Tomlinson is desperate to get reelected after stabbing gun owners in the back as the lone Republican Senator to vote against Constitutional Carry in the Senate back in November of 2021..

>>>  Pennsylvania Governor.

Battling to replace Marxist Governor Tom Wolf, this race features many candidates for the Republican nomination, the winner of which will face off against Josh Shapiro in November.

Every candidate running claims to be pro-gun, but only a few of them have records that match their campaign rhetoric. And if a pro-gun candidate wins in November, you and I will finally have the opportunity to pass MASSIVE pro-gun bills into law in Pennsylvania!

This is just the beginning. There are races up and down the ballot that PFA believes are ‘in play’ in May. And the outcome of these races will determine what happens to our gun rights for the next two years, at a minimum.

The fact is, our country is on the ropes, and in more ways than one. The radical Left is working diligently to implement their Marxist remake of America by rioting in the streets, infiltrating our classrooms, destroying the family unit and assaulting the freedoms our country needs to survive.

It time for us to FIGHT BACK, and no-holds-barred! PFA simply cannot pull any punches in the primary elections.

We have put together a four-part plan to ensure that no candidate can hide from their records, surveys, or public statements, including:

  • Some of the most aggressive digital ads ever seen in Pennsylvania allowing us to totally saturate key legislative districts and hammer away at the weak moderates who are trying to hide their compromised records.
  • Two rounds of hard-hitting direct mail that will give gun owners the facts that anti-gun RINOS are trying to camouflage about their voting record. And since it’s going to be mailed, Facebook can’t censor this;
  • A drastically ramped up statewide email program that will cover every race I’ve mentioned already and many more than I haven’t. These emails will give dates, bill numbers, voting histories, and everything gun owners need to hold gun-grabbers in Harrisburg accountable!
  • Door-to-door digital lit drops in targeted districts that will give gun owners critical information while reminding gun grabbers that there is nothing PFA won’t do to expose their records and defend our Second Amendment freedoms!

You’ve seen the plan. You’ve seen some of the races that we are focusing on. Now I have to ask you to dig deep so we can put this plan into action!

Time is running out, and we need to raise $77,600 -– fast!

That’s why I hope that you will agree to a contribution of $1,000, $500, or $250 immediately!

I know that’s a lot, but our gun rights are under attack more than ever before, even from our own side! We need to send a message that anyone who attacks our freedoms will be totally exposed at election time!

If a larger amount isn’t possible, please consider $100, $50 or at least $25!


Whatever you can give, please donate immediately!

It takes time to produce hard hitting videos, make digital ad buys, draft the direct mail, and put together digital lit drops — we simply must have our final budget in place by April 1!

The good news is that if we are successful in running this program, in exposing anti-gun moderates, it will remind them that messing with the Second Amendment is a bad career move in Pennsylvania.

PFA is chomping at the bit to launch this program. But we can’t do it without your generous support.

So please consider a most generous contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford, at once!  

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. I’ve outlined our primary program in greater detail below, please review it before deciding what level of support you can afford.

PFA 2022 Primary Election Plan and Budget


Digital Ad Campaign in Targeted Districts

Cost: $35,075

Digital ads allow PFA to absolutely saturate a legislative district or statewide demographic with our message and do it at the cheapest online engagement possible. The videos often go viral and allow gun owners to share them with everyone they know. These ads are slated to ‘go hot’ early in May and we need to run them in 7-10 districts for just over two weeks.

Mail Program in Targeted Districts                                               

Cost:  $38,650

A series of two hard-hitting survey results letters informing approximately 10,000 pro-gun grassroots patriots in 3 targeted districts where the candidates in their primary stand, and how their current legislator voted against their gun rights! This mail will begin hitting between May 2-13.  While more expensive per engagement than digital ads, they allow us to provide more information than a 60-second ad can contain. In these 3 races, it’s worth it.

Internet, Phone and Email Program

Cost:  $42,875

Host all candidates’ survey responses on PFA’s website and Facebook page, and pay for statewide Internet and digital media ads urging Pennsylvania gun owners to see where their candidates stand on Second Amendment issues.  Pay for a series of eleven emails – including three deploys to a statewide pro-Second Amendment prospect list – with video updates giving gun owners all of the information we have on these races.

Ground Game                                                

Cost: $5,900

Teams of PFA mobilizers will deliver digital flyers, drilling down by known voter history and going neighborhood by neighborhood in 5 districts, delivering tens of thousands of our voter score cards, making sure that everyone in these key races know who stabbed them in the back in the legislature and who wants to fight for the Second Amendment.

Program Cost:

(Less money raised)


Total Outstanding Budget: