Constitutional Carry PASSES Senate Judiciary Committee!

I have BIG news to report!

On a party line vote, Senator Cris Dush’s Constitutional Carry bill, SB565, was reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday morning by a party-line vote!

The bill now goes to the full senate, where Senate Republican leadership will decide whether or not to call it up for a vote.

The good news is, Senator Jake Corman, the Republican President Pro Tempore of the Senate, is already a cosponsor of the bill!

But the fact that the bill made it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee is no guarantee that the Senate will take the bill up and actually vote on it.

After all, Representative Aaron Bernstine’s HB659 Constitutional Carry bill got reported out of the House Judiciary Committee to much fanfare, only to have House Republican Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff BLOCK the bill from coming to the floor!

The same reason Benninghoff blocked the bill is the same reason why Senate Republican Leadership MAY block the bill, too: RINO Republicans.

Republican Representatives Todd Stephens, Chris Quinn and others are putting massive pressure on the Benninghoff not to move the bill because they hate gun rights.

And just like them, there are moderate Republicans in the state senate that absolutely do NOT want pro-gun bills being advanced through the legislature!

That’s why we need to put as much pressure as we possibly can on the Pennsylvania Senate to move Constitutional Carry!

So please send an email to your state senator and state representatives right away urging them to put HB659 or SB565 on the floor of their chambers and pass it immediately!

PASS Constitutional Carry NOW!

It is very important that you act quickly, as they only have one week left in the legislative session before they go on summer break.

It would be a HUGE step forward if we can get Constitutional Carry out of either chamber before they break, so don’t wait – ACT NOW!

After you’ve taken action, I hope you will also make a generous contribution to Pennsylvania Firearms Association.

Unlike others, our funding comes strictly from Pennsylvanians like you and it goes straight into mobilizing more and more people to FIGHT with us.

Our freedoms are under attack in Harrisburg every single day, and the only way to safeguard our freedoms is to fight hard!

So please be as generous as you can with your support.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association