Gun Control Coming in Harrisburg in 2023: Get ready!

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Elections have consequences.

The Radical Left in Pennsylvania, driven by their intense hatred of America, came out of their lairs on November 8 and elected a slew of anti-gun and freedom-hating politicians to Harrisburg.

As it looks right now, Democrats are likely going to be in control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, possibly as late as May.

And with Josh Shapiro moving into the Governor’s mansion, you can bet that soon as they get control, they are going to launch a full-blown attack against our gun rights.

We’ve already seen the bills these communists are circulating around for support in the General Assembly – and it’s bad.

I’m talking about everything from Red Flag Gun Confiscation to banning your semi-automatic firearms, to banning your standard capacity magazines, to repealing our Stand-Your-Ground law, and much, much more.

It’s straight-up tyranny.

And they might just be successful in passing their agenda too if gun owners and gun rights supporters aren’t fully organized and engaged every step of the way in the battle ahead of us.

You might be thinking to yourself, “but doesn’t the Senate still have a Republican majority?”

While it’s true that the Pennsylvania Senate is in Republican hands, we all know that doesn’t mean much in today’s political environment.

Republicans have betrayed us before, and if we don’t heap on the pressure, there’s no reason to believe they won’t do it again.

Especially when traitorous Republicans like Tommy Tomlinson are in the State Senate, who vote in lockstep with Michael Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing militants!

Here’s the reality of the situation: Only two other Republicans (along with Tomlinson) would need to defect to the radical left to be successful in destroying our gun rights and confiscating our guns.

And believe me, there are several RINOS who would gladly trade with Shapiro to get a signature on a bill they want passed in exchange for their vote on gun control.

The fact is, with money, power, and legislation on the line, it’s more likely than we want to believe.

We can’t wait until they start their attack to take action.

We gotta start hammering on the entire General Assembly to HOLD THE LINE against gun control, and we gotta start doing it TODAY!

That’s why I’m asking you to take action right now by sending your State Rep and State Senator a pre-written email demanding that they publicly oppose, block, stop, and vote NO on any and all gun control bills that come up in 2023!


After you’ve taken action and sent your email, I hope you’ll consider a generous donation to the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, so we can mobilize our grassroots army of gun owners to this fight.

Even if you can afford to pitch in $5 bucks, every little bit will go a long way to growing PFA’s army so we can shut down every ounce of gun control this session!

Help us defend freedom today! FIGHT BACK!