Gun Owners win BIG in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Firearms Association’s members and gun rights supporters had MASSIVE success in Tuesday’s Republican primary elections, and we’re going to highlight some of them in this email!

But first, what happened this week confirmed what I already suspected…

…that gun owners in Pennsylvania are quickly becoming a powerful political fighting force to be reckoned with, and that being a spineless wimp on the Second Amendment will have negative political consequences at election time.

In glorious fashion, many anti-gun RINOs were sent packing and absolute champions for the Second Amendment were installed in their place.

Below is our recap of Tuesday’s primary election:

Republican Primary Election Summary


Doug Mastriano CRUSHED all of the other candidates running and won the Republican nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania.

As you know, Mastriano was the only top-tier candidate in the race who completed the Pennsylvania Firearms Association Candidate Questionnaire 100% pro-gun!

He promised gun owners that he would continue being a fighter for the Second Amendment if elected Governor –a claim that his record in the Pennsylvania State Senate backs up.

U.S. Senate

At the time of this writing, Dr. Mehmet Oz is barely leading Dave McCormick by approximately 1,000 votes, and it appears we will not know a winner for some time due to future recounts and legal action from the candidates.

Neither of these two candidates completed our candidate questionnaire so that gun owners knew where they stood when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

To be clear, Dr. Oz’ poor performance and inability to solidly win the US Senate primary, despite having the endorsement from President Trump, is a huge referendum on his support for gun-control without apology.

Pennsylvania Firearms Association will aggressively pursue the winner of this election to get them to survey, because the winner faces off against Democrat John Fetterman in the November general elections, and it is unacceptable for a Republican to hide their views on gun rights.

Candidate Kathy Barnette surged from the back of the pack to finish in third place after campaigning boldly on a pro-gun and pro-life platform.

State House of Representatives

The following candidates completed our survey 100% pro-gun and were rewarded by voters with victory in their primary election:

District Name
4 Jake Banta
8 Aaron Bernstine
12 Stephanie Scialabba
39 Andrew Kuzma
47 Joe D’Orsie
51 Matt Dowling
56 George Dunbar
67 Martin Causer
73 Dallas Kephart
81 Rich Irvin
86 Perry Stambaugh
94 Wendy Fink
98 Tom Jones
109 Robert Leadbeter
116 Dane Watro
124 Jamie Barton
139 Joe Adams

In district #8 Constitutional Carry sponsor Aaron Bernstine was rewarded for championing the 2nd Amendment in Harrisburg, and he fended off challengers Eric DiTullio and John Kennedy.

In district #47, challenger Joe D’Orsie relieved incumbent State Rep. Keith Gillespie from the burden of public service – A WIN for gun owners!

Gillespie voted for HB2060 (Act 79) in 2018 which allows government agents to confiscate your firearms without conviction of a crime!

In district #94, challenger Wendy Fink defeated incumbent State Rep. Stan Saylor, who joined with the radical left and voted for HB2060 in 2018, a Red Flag Gun Confiscation law!

State Senate

District Name
24 Tracy Pennycuick
34 Greg Rothman
36 Ryan Aument

Pennycuick, Rothman, and Aument all filled out our candidate survey 100% pro-gun and were rewarded by the voters with election victories in the primary on Tuesday!


Without a doubt, Pennsylvania has a solid field of pro-gun candidates going into the November 8 general elections that will face well-financed gun-control radicals.

And that means we cannot sit back and put the cruise control on until we get to November.

November’s elections are going to be nasty, especially with economic uncertainty looming and the radical left making last ditch efforts to destroy everything we love about America.

Enjoy this win, but make no mistake, we’ve got MAJOR fights ahead:

Doug Mastriano vs. Josh Shapiro for Governor.

John Fetterman vs. ??? for US Senate.

And a slew of candidates running for the State House and State Senate.

It’s going to be a knock down drag out kinda fight this November, but no-hold-barred street fights are precisely our #1 specialty here at Pennsylvania Firearms Association, and we are eagerly preparing for them!

With everything that’s on the line in this election, Pennsylvania Firearms Association is going all-in!

Are you?

Please make an immediate and generous donation to help us fight like hell for our Second Amendment!

Whether you can give $500, $250, $100, $50, $35, or even just $10, I hope you’ll do so today.


Every little bit you can spare will help PFA replenish our war chest for the November elections, because gun owners need to THUNDER our votes for freedom this fall!

For now, enjoy this victory.

It is YOURS, Pennsylvania!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. Pro-gun candidates up and down the ballot smashed gun-grabbers in Tuesday night’s Republican Primary elections and delivered huge wins for gun rights by ousting do-nothing, anti-gun RINOs!

But the general election is coming, and we need to be prepared.

Help us replenish our war chest and get in peak fighting shape for the November elections, which promise to be very nasty in light of the economic uncertainty our nation is facing.

Please donate $250, $100, $50, or even $10 right here and now!


You are making a huge impact for our gun rights this year – let’s keep the momentum going!