Our window of opportunity…

Defenders of freedom and gun rights like you have a small window of opportunity that we must take advantage of before the window closes.

Let me explain.

Unless someone has lived under a rock or on a mountain with no cell phone, internet or satellite service, gun rights has become a controversial issue in America.


The Marxist Left wants to destroy the right of individuals to own firearms in America because they want to go full-blown tyrant with their power.

Gun rights activist like you and me know that if we lose our gun rights that the rest of our freedoms will be quickly follow.

That is why we have been working so hard to insist that Republicans in Harrisburg fight back against the Left’s attacks on gun rights by passing pro-gun bills.

The fact is, when Republicans are working on passing pro-gun bills, it makes it harder for the weak and outright RINO Republicans to make compromises on gun-control and lessens the chances of gun-control passing!

And if you have been reading our emails lately, you know that Constitutional Carry has overcome major hurdles already this year by passing out of both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

The next step for either the House version or the Senate version is to get on the floor of their chamber for a full-blown floor vote.

That is the window of opportunity I am talking about.

You see, the General Assembly is leaving Harrisburg to go on summer break for the months of July and August and nothing will move in the legislature at all.

Because gun rights have become controversial, the BEST time for the General Assembly to pass a big, beautiful pro-gun bill like Constitutional Carry is right before they go on summer break!

That is why I am personally asking you to renew your commitment to this fight and double-down on your grassroots-lobbying efforts for the next five days.

Specifically, I am asking you to do two things.

Number one, please donate.

I know that it seems at times that we sound broken record, but we do not have any billionaire liberal Lefties bankrolling us like “Moms Demand Action” and “CeasefirePA” do.

And between you and me, I hate that it takes the hard-earned cash that people like you work so hard for to defend something that we should not have to defend – something that is our RIGHT by being born an American!

But the fact is, if we do not fight back now, our kids and our grandkids will not even know what it means to be a free American.

And we will be DAMNED if we let that happen on our watch without a total street fight.

So whether you can chip in $5 or $5,000, we gratefully appreciate your sacrifice.

The second thing I’m asking you to do is to email your state representatives and state senators every day – even multiple times a day – between now and Wednesday night of next week.


The only way we win is if we are completely RELENTLESS in our demands that they pass the bill.

And at this point, it does not matter which chamber passes it, we just want to get ONE of them to do it before they go on break!

If we can ratchet the pressure up to boiling point, we may yet succeed in the next couple of days at moving this bill.

Hit the gas and do not let up – KEEP FIGHTING!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr,

Pennsylvania Firearms Association