PA ALERT: Constitutional Carry supporters needed!

You and I have a small window to fight in.

After the end of June, the Pennsylvania General Assembly is going on summer break, but there are a ton of opportunities for us to make huge progress between now and then.

Right now there are several pro-gun bills that we are pushing for that need your help, like Constitutional Carry and the Second Amendment Preservation Act bills.

Constitutional Carry would get government out of the rights-regulation business and join Pennsylvania with the twenty-one other states that already have it.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act would destroy China-Joe Biden’s gun-control agenda by making it unenforceable by Pennsylvania law enforcement.

The bill that is seeing early progress is HB659, Representative Aaron Bernstine’s Constitutional Carry bill, which was reported out of committee last week and is eligible for a vote by the entire House of Representatives!

The politicians are all coming back to Harrisburg next week, and that’s why we’re doing a massive petition drive right now to get more Constitutional Carry supporters identified and mobilized to the fight for freedom!

Please sign your petition in support for Constitutional Carry right away!

When you are finished, please chip in whatever you can afford to help us reach our goal of mobilizing 15,000 more gun owners to this fight!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Directo
Pennsylvania Firearms Association