Preemption Reform VETOED

Just wanted to give you an update on State Representative Matt Dowling’s HB979.

As you know, this bill would have strengthened Pennsylvania’s firearm preemption law, to help give folks like us some legal recourse against the big liberal cities and corrupt anti-gun politicians like Bill Peduto and Jim Kenney.

Over the last several weeks, you took action to help get the bill out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, onto the Senate floor, and hammered onto Governor Wolf’s desk.

You and I sent a loud and clear message to the General Assembly that we weren’t going to let these people trample all over our precious freedoms in Pennsylvania any longer!

The Senate floor vote happened last Tuesday and the final tally was 32-17, with all Republicans voting in support and several crossover votes from Democrat Senators; James Brewster, Lisa Boscola, and Martin Flynn!

Even with the strong support for this bill in the General Assembly and from the grassroots gun owner community across the Commonwealth, Governor Wolf vetoed the bill earlier this afternoon.

While this might seem like a setback, remember – you and I have not only hammered through firearm preemption reform (which is so badly needed!) but we also steamrolled Constitutional Carry law all the way through both chambers – getting roll call votes along the way – for the first time in HISTORY!

We’re darn sure going to remember these things in the coming election season, but we need to stay alert.

The session is not over yet, and who knows what the radical left and the Rino herd will throw at us this year from Harrisburg or Washington.

So suit up and prepare for battle, patriot!

The Pennsylvania Firearms Association will keep you informed and equipped for every fight, just like we always do.

For Freedom,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association