Put a Nail in This Tyrant’s Coffin!

It’s time to put a nail in David Chipman’s coffin!

Over the last few months, gun owners across the state and across the country have been DEMANDING that the U.S. Senate crush David Chipman’s nomination to run the ATF.

Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee deadlocked on Chipman with an 11-11 committee vote. That means that for Chipman to advance to the full Senate, Chuck Schumer needs to use procedural tools that are politically expensive.

If Chipman had bi-partisan support, that would be easy.

But with Republican moderates like Senator Pat Toomey and Susan Collins (R-ME) already publicly stating that they are a NO vote on Chipman, Schumer needs EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT to back him on the floor.

And that’s a problem.

Democratic Senators like Joe Manchin (WV) and Maggie Hassan (NH) have — so far — refused to support Chipman, because they know that his tyrannical views on the Second Amendment will likely cost them their reelections.

If we can keep the heat up on the entire U.S. Senate, we can defeat this madman and deal a major blow to Joe Biden’s gun control agenda!

Everyone knows that David Chipman is a power-hungry madman who is overtly lusting for the power to unleash ATF SWAT teams on gun owners across the country.

Chipman thinks that all AR-15 styled rifles should be classified as full-auto machine guns and confiscated from the American people by ATF agents.

Chipman believes that the government should arrest people BEFORE they commit crimes and is a major proponent of ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ laws.

Chipman believes that you should go to prison for buying any magazine that holds over 10 rounds of ammunition and would love to unleash ATF agents on anyone who buys one.

You see, Chipman’s idea of a perfect world is one where an all-powerful federal government is armed to the teeth and where citizens like us are unarmed and powerless to stop them!

That’s why we must keep the heat on the Senate, to make sure that every Senator knows that voting for Chipman could cost them their jobs!

Remember, stopping David Chipman is about far more than defeating one tyrant.

The fight over Chipman’s nomination has become a referendum on Joe Biden’s entire gun control agenda — specifically a national ‘assault weapons ban’ (S.736) and a national registry of all firearm sales (H.R. 8.)

So if gun owners can stop David Chipman, we will be dealing a massive blow to the rest of the gun control agenda that is pending in Washington.

But while many Senators have already come out in opposition to Chipman, including Pat Toomey, our other Senator Bob Casey has not, despite our multiple inquiries.

So send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to him immediately!

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We are closer than ever to defeating this madman! But we can’t let up! Send your emails and make a donation to help us mobilize more gun owners TODAY!

This is our country, help us fight for it!

For Freedom,


Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. Hyper moderate Republicans like Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Susan Collins (R-ME) have come out in opposition to Madman David Chipman’s nomination to run the ATF.

And insiders report that Democratic Senators like Joe Manchin (WV) and Maggie Hassan (NH) are close to signaling their opposition to Chipman, too!

Tell Senator Bob Casey to come out in opposition to David Chipman right away, to help us put the final nail in his political coffin! Send your email NOW!

Then donate, right away, to help the Pennsylvania Firearms Association continue to lead the fight against this power-hungry madman! If we defeat Chipman, we are closer than ever to defeating Biden’s entire gun control agenda!