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In a major blow to the 2nd Amendment, Pennsylvania’s US Senate seat, Governor’s Mansion and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives were all won by anti-gun Democrats.

After a two-year battle to save our gun rights from the vicious attacks of Joe Biden’s Radical Left, gun owners across America were hoping for a ‘Red Tsunami’ on Election Night.

In fact, many of us expected it. I know I did.

Gun owners have ousted Nancy Pelosi and US House Democrats only narrowly, and in the US Senate the results are even worse.

John Fetterman was miraculously “elected” the next US Senator from Pennsylvania – a pickup for Democrats.

And it seems likely that Chuck Schumer will keep control of the chamber with a 50-50 “tie” — or even increase the size of his majority to a commanding 51-49.   

Any way you look at it, at the federal level, this wasn’t a ‘Red Wave’ election that ended the threat to our gun rights in Congress. With an emboldened White House maintaining control of the United States Senate, you and I are in for a fight.

That’s why I hope that you will immediately renew your membership in Pennsylvania Firearms Association for 2023, so that we can defend your gun rights in D.C. and here in Harrisburg!

You see, while the election results at the federal level are somewhat vague, there is no doubt about what happened here in Pennsylvania.

It was an unmitigated disaster.

Doug Mastriano lost to Radical Democrat Josh Shapiro in the race for Governor by an unbelievable fourteen points.

Mastriano had strong support from the grassroots base, but the Pennsylvania and national Republican establishment cut off his support and de facto helped Josh Shapiro win. We will never forgive or forget these betrayals.

But perhaps the biggest blow to our gun rights on election night looks to be the Pennsylvania House of Representatives flipping to a Democrat majority.

As it currently stands, Democrats appear to have reached the 102 seats necessary to control the Speaker’s gavel.

Some of you have already reached out to our office and asked us, point blank, if we think these election results are the result of fraud or a corrupt election process.

I’ll be candid: I don’t trust the Democrats to run honest, transparent elections whatsoever, and their actions prove it.

Here’s what I know for sure: Josh Shapiro and PA House Democrats have taken their “overperformance” up and down the ballot as a ‘mandate’ to advance a far more aggressive gun control agenda that what Tom Wolf was capable of.

Friday morning after the election, Shapiro was already on KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia promising to work hard to pass and implement his campaign gun-control promises.

And Representative Joanna McClinton (D-191), likely the new incoming Speaker, is a huge gun-control advocate.

But what about Pennsylvania’s State Senate?

Pennsylvania Senate Republicans look like they will hold a 28-22 seat majority over the Democrats, meaning that only THREE of them need to betray us and we are in dangerous territory.

And the fact is, there are MORE than three RINO Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate who like to waffle on gun-control bills every time a killer goes on a rampage.  

When you combine Gov. Shapiro, Democrat control of the House, a weak Republican Senate Majority and immense pressure from the fake news media and gun-control groups like Moms Demand Action and CeaseFirePA, we have a huge fight coming at us.

That fight kicks off at noon on January 3rd, and that’s why I hope you’ll renew your membership in the Pennsylvania Firearms Association right away – we need your support now!

PFA is gearing up for a huge brawl, and at a minimum we will be fighting against the following gun-control bills:

>>>  ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation Orders. This is likely the first gun-control bill the General Assembly will work to pass because it already has “bi-partisan” support from RINO backstabbers in the legislature, Red Flag laws let activist judges take away your firearms without you ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime. To make matters worse, Congress passed a “law” this summer that gives bribe money to state legislatures that pass Red Flag laws of their own.

>>>  Statewide Gun Registration. Bloomberg’s #1 agenda item, the Left wants to track, trace and register gun owners like sex-offenders so that they can compile a complete database of every gun and gun owner in the state. By outlawing private firearm sales and tracking every firearm and ammo purchase in the state, the whole agenda is designed for the day they try to implement statewide gun confiscation.

>>>  AR15 and ‘Assault Weapons’ ban. Shapiro, PA Democrats and the Communist Left’s gun-control agenda is rooted in their doctrine of disarming their political opposition – they can’t destroy America We the People own firearms. And as the most popular rifle in America, the AR15 has become the symbol of defiance to tyranny, with millions of Americans own many millions more of these fabulous anti-tyrant tools, so that’s why they are trying to outlaw them. 

This is the Democrat Party’s vision for Pennsylvania.

This is House Democrats’ vision for Pennsylvania.

This is Josh Shapiro’s vision for Pennsylvania.

But so help me God, this is not MY vision for Pennsylvania — and I am certain this isn’t what you want, either!

I love this country, I love this great state, and I am committed to doing everything I can to stop any politician –- Communist Democrats or weak-kneed Republicans alike — who want to destroy it by disarming people like you and me.

If you agree with me, I hope that you will stand with tens of thousands of your fellow Pennsylvanians and renew your membership in the Pennsylvania Firearms Association for 2023!

In fact, with everything that we’re facing, I hope that you will agree to renewing your membership at the Patriot Level ($125) today!

I know that’s a lot to ask, but we’re going to be in a massive fight next session and PFA must be able to pound on the politicians, flooding them with thousands of calls/emails from gun owners in their districts!    

But running these programs — at the size we’ll need to run them — isn’t cheap, so if $125 is just not possible, please consider a renewal at the Freedom Level ($75) or at least the Liberty Level ($35) of membership.

Some people talk about giving up the fight or moving to another state. But I’ve got eight kids, and this is our state.

We will fight as long and hard as it takes to win this fight. We won’t back down, we won’t surrender and we’ll never quit.

If you are like me, renew your membership in PFA TODAY

Any PFA member who renews at the Freedom Level for $75 or higher will receive a newly redesigned T-Shirt absolutely free as our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your continued support and fighting with us.

The membership level you choose is up to you, but with everything that we’re facing in 2023, please act fast!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. While it appears that gun voters flipped the House and fired Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, it’s a narrow victory. And the Senate will remain in Chuck Schumer’s hands.

Here in Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro defeated Doug Mastriano by a sizeable margin and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives flipped to a Democrat Majority.

We’re facing major defensive legislative fights this coming session to stop the gun-control bills dead in their tracks.

Stand with us next year in our fight for freedom by renewing your membership in the Pennsylvania Firearms Association for 2023 with a Patriot ($125), Freedom ($75), or Liberty ($35) Level of membership TODAY!

Remember, all renewals at the Freedom Level or higher come with a FREE PFA T-Shirt!