The Cancer of Gun Rights in Pennsylvania

The battle for freedom in America has always had its traitors, and Benedict Arnold arguably holds the title of most famous of them all.

“Treason of the blackest dye” is how General George Washington described Arnold’s betrayal of the American Cause in 1780.

And the reason why Washington and the Continental Congress went on a full-blown media campaign to label him so aggressively was simple: he betrayed America when America trusted him and when America needed him the most.

That’s why I confronted Representative Todd Stephens in the halls of the capitol building in Harrisburg last week.

Watch the video here:

And before you are tempted to think so, Todd Stephens is not your typical inner-city Democrat elected by liberal activists to promote the gun-control agenda.

Representative Todd Stephens is a Bloomberg-endorsed Republican that blatantly teams up with Governor Tom Wolf and Bloomberg’s Lyin’ Commie Mommy Brigade to sponsor gun-control.

And just last week, Republican Todd Stephens was the only Republican to vote against reporting Constitutional Carry (HB659) out of the House Judiciary Committee!

Other organizations paint Stephens’ betrayals with a paintbrush of sunshine and pixie dust.

Pennsylvania Firearms Association goes after backstabbing politicians like Stephens because if traitors like Stephens aren’t made to pay a political price for their betrayals, it sends a message to the rest of the Republican caucus, and that message is clear. . .

. . . gun rights can be attacked by “Republican” politicians, and gun owners won’t do anything about it.

The fact is, we know what a “pro-gun majority” that gets weak – one that tolerates gun-control – looks like:


Virginia Republicans for years refused to go to bat for gun owners, and so over time gun owners stopped having a reason to go to bat for Republicans.

And as a result, Democrats destroyed the Republicans in the election season and went on to destroy gun rights in the Old Dominion altogether.

We cannot let that happen here in Pennsylvania.

PFA is ready, willing and able to fight back and expose traitors like Stephens if we have the resources to do so.

Please help us FIGHT BACK and expose cancerous Republicans like Stephens with your most generous contribution TODAY

For Pennsylvania,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association