These radicals want to confiscate our guns, FIRST.

As you know, the Pennsylvania Firearms Association has been sounding the alarm since election night last year, warning gun owners that our gun rights would face a massive gun control attack during the 2021 legislature.

That threat just became reality here in Harrisburg as Senator Wayne Fontana just filed Senate Bill 134 — ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ legislation -– in the Pennsylvania Senate!

No, Senator Fontana is not doing this alone. In fact, when he filed the bill just recently, Fontana already had twelve cosponsors on the bill!

But the news is even worse in the House.

You see, not only has Representative Nancy Guenst (D-Philly) announced her companion bill in the House, it is widely rumored that she will have Republican cosponsors on it, too!

I can’t stress to you enough how vital it is that you send your petition that I’ve prepared for you, telling your lawmakers to oppose this radical attack on the Second Amendment


As a reminder, ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ legislation would allow virtually anyone to make up a claim that you are a threat to yourself or someone else and allow the courts to seize your firearms — BEFORE YOU’VE BEEN CHARGED OR CONVICTED OF ANYTHING!

More than that, the hearing that determines whether or not you will be stripped of your gun rights will take place in secret!

Known as ex-parte hearings, these proceedings take place in your absence, meaning you would have no idea that the hearing is even taking place, much less be able to attend and question witnesses, provide your own evidence, or make your own defense!

It’s a sad fact of life, but we all know someone who has gone through a horrific divorce or very difficult family situation that results in bitter estrangement.

Can you imagine what could happen if a bitter ex-spouse or a vindictive extended family member — who may live a thousand miles away — could do to you with a law like this?

On top of that, these are renewable orders, which means that if you are targeted by a ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ order, you will very likely be disarmed for life

And don’t forget, this gun confiscation order can be issued against you before you’ve have ever set foot in a courtroom, much less been convicted of a crime.

Please understand that we can not rely on our SLIM Republican legislative majorities to defeat this legislation.

Gun owners remember how desperately weak Senate Republicans like former senator Tom Killion wanted to compromise with the Left and pass one or both of these bills during the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions.

Their agenda only failed because the members of Pennsylvania Firearms Association brought a political hammer down on him and RINO Republicans like Representative Todd Stephens who were sponsoring Bloomberg’s gun-control bills!  

And far from being staunch Second Amendment supporters, our Republican majorities have not passed a single pro-gun bill for years and years that they have had the majority.  

So if we are going to stop these attacks on our Second Amendment rights, we’re going to have to band together and do it ourselves, as we clearly can’t count on either party in Harrisburg.

So in addition to your signed petition, I am very directly asking you to consider your generous contribution to the Pennsylvania Firearms Association of $100, Patriot!

The Pennsylvania Firearms Association is rolling out the biggest mobilization program that we can possibly afford, as we work to flood Harrisburg with calls and emails from gun owners.

We’ve already kicked off a statewide internet ad campaign that you can see on our Facebook page and are working to quickly augment the size of our email list.

But we also need to prepare direct mail campaigns in key districts and produce our radio and TV ads for when these bills are slated for a floor vote!

We’re working around the clock to prepare for this fight, but we need your support — and we need it now!

So if $100 is too much, please consider $50 or $35 or at least $20 so that I know how much we have to work with as we roll out this mobilization program!

We can stop these bills if we stand together and apply our targeted programs where they will be most effective.

I’m going to fight like hell from now until the end of session, but I can’t do it alone!

Please sign your petition and make a generous donation TODAY!

For Pennsylvania,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. Anti-gun radicals like Senator Fontana and Representative Nancy Guenst are coming after our gun rights with everything they have – filing a ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscsation’ bill to strip gun owners of their Second Amendment rights with no due process at all.

It’s time to pour on the pressure! Please sign your petition immediately, demanding that your politicians kill this bill!

And help Pennsylvania Firearms Association run the largest mobilization program in our history (consisting of direct mail, internet ads, mass emails, and even radio ads) by making a donation of $100, $50, $35 or at least $20 TODAY!