Video Clips: Congressmen Fighting Against the Assault Weapons Ban

For weeks now, we’ve been giving you information on the fight to stop Biden’s gun control agenda in Washington, D.C. and the backstabbing RINOs who have been aiding Joe Biden.

It’s true that without the support of Republican sellouts, Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t have a chance of passing any portion of Biden’s gun control agenda.

But it’s also true that some fantastic Republicans in the House are fighting day in and day out to save our great Second Amendment. That was especially true this week, as the Judiciary Committee advanced Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons Ban.’   

While Joe Biden’s handlers are trying to ban the sale of AR-15s and 30-round magazines, many Republicans simply say nothing. Others talk about target shooting or hunting.


Thankfully, some courageous lawmakers — like Florida’s Matt Gaetz — have no problem reminding everyone that the reason we have a Second Amendment is to keep our own government in check!

Our team was in the room watching this live. Check it out below.

But Matt Gaetz wasn’t the only one who called out the Democrats for the hypocrisy of these bills, and their obvious inconsistencies.

As the Chairman of the Second Amendment Caucus, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massive threw down hard during this sham committee hearing, showing how absurd the list of banned firearms (and the list of excepted firearms) is.

Massie absolutely humiliated the left in this video.

Texas Congressman Chip Roy did a fantastic job at replying to the assertion that he is opposed to Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ because of his donors.

Roy went down the line listing off how much money the Democrats on the committee have taken from Michael Bloomberg and the Brady Organization over the years…making it clear who they work for.

More than that, Roy openly scoffed at the idea that he’s pro-gun because of the NRA. Roy said that he doesn’t listen to the NRA anymore because they ‘are weak.’

We couldn’t agree more with that; watch Roy’s testimony here.

As we see so often in D.C., these courageous champions fought almost alone. The NRA wasn’t present at this hearing. GOA wasn’t present at this hearing. SAF, NAGR, none of them were here to fight for gun owners.

Thankfully the American Firearms Association — our national affiliate — was on hand working hard to battle back against this bill and meeting with pro-gun members of Congress.

(The American Firearms Association’s Patrick Parsons (L) and Alex Dorr (R) meeting with Congressman Chip Roy moments before the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ committee hearing.)

Thanks to the efforts of these Congressmen — and the millions of calls and emails from gun owners across the country –- we may be able to stop the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ as vulnerable Democrats are scared to vote for it!

Please help us keep the pressure on our Congressional delegation, as we can’t afford a single betrayal right now.

First, email your Congressman and tell him/her to VOTE NO on H.R. 1808 or any similar legislation.

Second, please make a generous donation to help the Pennsylvania Firearms Association get the word out about this bill through our email, texting, and social media programs.

Take action right away. Nancy Pelosi has said she would like to hold a vote on this bill next week. We need to keep battling back to hold the line for our Second Amendment!

For Pennsylvania,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association