ALERT: Gun Control Votes Tomorrow!

This is an emergency alert from the Pennsylvania Firearms Association: Please read this alert and take immediate legislative action.

Radical Democrat Speaker Joanna McClinton and House Judiciary Chairman Tim Briggs have scheduled a gun-control VOTE for tomorrow’s House Judiciary Committee!

The Judiciary committee is meeting tomorrow at an undisclosed time to vote on FOUR – not 1, not 2, not 3, FOUR – gun control bills!

These communist bills are:

  • House Bill 338. This “mandatory reporting requirements” law punishes gun owners who fail to report lost or stolen firearms within an arbitrary time window. No more ‘boating accidents,’ the bill is designed to empower corrupt district attorneys to criminally charge people who don’t surrender their AR15’s at some point down the road.

  • House Bill 714. This bill codifies Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration in Pennsylvania law and outlaws the private sale of firearms in our Commonwealth. It is the foundation and cornerstone of a statewide gun registry that the Left wants to use for total gun confiscation in the not-so-distant future!

  • House Bill 731. The Lefties in Harrisburg call this a “safe storage” law, but it is really designed to leave you powerless if a thug or criminal breaks into your home to harm you or your family!

    And of course, these are the same Lefties who cheered as Joe Biden left BILLIONS of dollars of American “weapons of war” on the streets of Afghanistan for the Taliban to use.

  • House Bill 1018. “Red Flag Gun Confiscation,” this bill is a drone strike to due process and empowers liberal judges to order your firearms confiscated at secret court hearings that you were never invited to. They want to be able wreck your 2nd Amendment freedoms without you ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime.

    “Red Flag” laws will be used to target veterans first and foremost.

But make no mistake about it, Friends, this is only the beginning.

They want to destroy our gun rights so they can force the rest of their communist agenda down our throats – the 2nd Amendment is the only barrier standing in their way.

That’s why you need to contact the members of this committee and tell them to vote NO on every single gun control bill that comes up for a vote!

If these bills pass committee, we know that Joanna McClinton will put them right on the House floor for a vote just as soon as she can.

So after you’ve sent your emails to the committee members, please send your State Representative a pre-written email right away demanding that they block, stop, and vote NO on HB338, HB714, HB731, & HB1018, or any other gun control bill that comes up for a vote!

This committee is happening tomorrow, so please take action RIGHT NOW and then share these action links with every gun owner you know!

Stay tuned for more info tomorrow.

In Defiance of Tyrants,

Chris Dorr, Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association