Video: Chinese Government Slams Americans and Second Amendment!

Thanks to a dazzling combination of personal incompetence, political weakness, and a total inability to see what’s happening to his own party –- Joe Biden’s gun control agenda is collapsing in Congress.

But that doesn’t mean that Biden is no longer a threat.

The threat that Biden poses to gun owners via Executive Actions still looms large. But so does his efforts to subject the American people to the United Nations Small Arms Treaty!

Many gun owners likely remember that President Trump removed America from this international treaty, putting Americans and our Second Amendment freedoms outside the whims of foreign powers like Communist China.

But ‘China Joe,’ assumed by many to be under the thumb of the Chinese government because of his business dealings there and the dirt they have on his son Hunter, is reversing Trump’s policy.

And while there are dozens of evil nations pushing to crush America’s Second Amendment via this treaty, Communist China is leading this charge. Check out their Foreign Minister’s recent comments about America and our love of freedom, below!

While gun owners like you and me have been focused on dealing with domestic tyrants for the last year, we can never forget that 100 million gun owners and the 400 million firearms that we privately own, are a force to stop foreign tyrants, too!

And that’s exactly what the Communist Chinese are.


While they smugly lecture Americans on the Second Amendment, never forget that in just the last century alone, the Communist Chinese exterminated an estimated 65,000,000 of their own people through their ‘Great Leap Forward!’

But it’s also a known fact that the Communist Chinese are currently holding over 1,000,000 people in internment camps that ‘re-educate’ and torture political opponents.

So it’s no surprise that the Chinese hate the idea of a free people owning guns outside of government control: after all, it’s a hell of a lot harder to exterminate an armed population!  

That’s exactly why they — and every other globalist leader in the world — want to enact the UN Small Arms Treaty. These evil people know that as long as the American people are armed, we will remain free. And we’ll serve as a symbol of freedom around the globe.

That’s why one of the main tenants of the UN Small Arms Treaty is the creation of a GLOBAL GUN REGISTRY, which would require the American government to disclose the ‘end user’ of each and every rifle, pistol and shotgun in circulation in the U.S. to the United Nations!


Pennsylvania Firearms Association, along with our national affiliate the American Firearms Association, will be rolling out programs in the coming weeks to make sure that gun owners flood Senators Casey and Toomey with calls, petitions, and emails opposing the UN Small Arms Treaty.

For today, please consider a donation so that we can educate gun owners about what the UN Small Arms Treaty is, what it means for gun owners, and how we can stop it!


America has never been seen as more weak, more defenseless, and more at war with itself than we are right now, as today’s Democrats hate our country and the freedoms that make it great and are attacking everyone who disagrees with their insanity.

Don’t think for a moment that our foreign enemies aren’t watching this. And don’t think that they won’t consider more aggressive action against our nation if they ever get a list of gun owners, via this treaty!  

Help us push back against this Chinese-driven tyranny, now!

For Freedom,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. While Biden struggles to move anything through Congress right now, he still has administrative powers that he’s using to make America a signatory of the UN Small Arms Treaty once again.

The UN Small Arms Treaty is being pushed by the Communist Chinese who hate this country and the fact that 100 million Americans proudly own 400 million firearms as a symbol of our defiance against tyranny!

China’s Foreign Minister recently attacked America and our Second Amendment freedoms. Watch the video, here.

If passed, this treaty would require the establishment of an international gun registry, tracking the ‘end user’ of every single small arm sold in the world!

So please make an immediate donation so that we can start flooding Senators Casey and Toomey with grassroots opposition towards any effort to ratify this treaty in the United States Senate!