Gun-Control’s Sleeper in Harrisburg

Do you remember the days after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting on October 27, 2018?

I do.

I remember the sorrow I felt for the families of the victims that died senselessly, because a killer decided he could destroy the lives of others.

I remember Bloomberg stooges, RINOs like Republican Senator Tom Killion and Republican Representative Todd Stephens immediately springing into action to spin the blood of the innocent dead into political gold for their gun-control agenda, pushing for issues like Red Flag Gun Confiscation and “assault weapon” bans.

It was only the power and strength of PFA members and supporters that stopped them and kicked Tom Killion to the political curb, but what about the next time?

The fact is, these Benedict Arnolds are already prepared for their next “opportunity,” and their weapon of choice is Todd Stephens’ notorious ‘bi-partisan’ Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill.

These Hate-America cultural Marxists learned their lesson from 2018, and with razor-thin, weak ‘Republican’ majorities in Harrisburg, that is why they are focusing so hard on advancing the “Red Flag” gun confiscation agenda.

The reason why they rally around this issue is because of its support from RINO Republicans in other states.

Indiana passed the first Red Flag law years ago.

Florida passed one after the Parkland, Florida murders on February 14, 2018.

Nationally, quisling Republicans like Lindsey Grahmnesty and Marco Rubio have long stumped for a national Red Flag law.

But as you know, Red Flag laws don’t stop killers – laws never have.

What Red Flag laws really do – what they were designed to do – is empower liberal judges to confiscate a law-abiding citizen’s firearms without the citizen ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime, and usually based on heresay evidence!

And that is what the Left wants: an increasingly powerful judiciary that they can control to execute gun-control by decree rather than due process in a court of law.

But while the Left and their RINO friends may have been learning their lessons and getting smarter, so have we.

That’s why we are mobilizing against this bill NOW and building our war chest – – because the next tragedy could happen at any moment.

The next ‘Tree of Life’ tragedy could drive a nail into freedom’s coffin unless we are fully prepared.

That’s why I am asking you to take action right away by signing your petition to your State Representative and State Senator demanding that they oppose Todd Stephen’s bill or any other Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill that is introduced!


This General Assembly’s bi-partisan gun-control bill is being sponsored by “Republican” State Representative Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery County), one of Bloomberg’s endorsed “gun-sense” politicians who first stabbed gun owners in the back when he sponsored Red Flags for his pal Bloomberg last session.

Stephens’ bill would allow nearly ANYONE to make up a false claim about you and empower a liberal judge to confiscate your firearms — BEFORE YOU’VE BEEN CHARGED OR CONVICTED OF ANYTHING!

Maybe worse, Stephens has consistently tweeted anti-Second Amendment messages and can’t take enough pictures with Michael Bloomberg’s Red Shirt Radical Lyin’ Commie Mommy Brigade!

The fact is, Governor Wolf gets giddy seeing “bipartisan” gun-control bills like Todd Stephen’s get introduced in Harrisburg because it massively increases his chances at passing his gun-control agenda before he is term-limited out of office!

That’s what makes this bill especially dangerous!


If you are like me, you are beyond sick and tired of being betrayed by lying “Republicans” who are more concerned about pleasing the far left or the Fake News media than they are about fighting for gun owners like us.

If you are too, help Pennsylvania Firearms Association fight back, by making a generous donation today!


You see, with RINO Benedict Arnolds like Todd Stephens weaseling for gun control every time he opens his trap it wouldn’t take much to start a stampede for gun control in the Republican ranks the next time tragedy strikes.

We cannot wait around waiting for that to happen just so that we can react.

We must be preparing to deal with that now!

Please make a generous donation right away so we can rally more gun owners than ever before to oppose this agenda before the bill ever gets a chance to pick up more Republican support!

For Pennsylvania,


Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. While Pennsylvania Firearms Association and our members and supporters across the Commonwealth are laser-focused on defeating Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s gun control agenda like H.R. 8 and Dianne Feinstein’s attempts to ban over 200 semi-automatic firearms, a huge threat to freedom is lurking in Columbus.

Republican State Representative Todd Stephens — a backstabber who has a dark history of supporting a wide range of gun control — has joined with the communist Left to introduce Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ bill!

Stop Red Flag Gun Confiscation!

Stephen’s bill is poised to quickly pick up steam after the next tragedy and is looked at as a compromise gun control bill that ‘all sides can agree to’ – something that Governor Wolf supports and will sign into law if given the chance.

We say HELL NO!

Please sign your petition right away and then make a donation today so we can mobilize against the bill and make sure it never picks up steam in Harrisburg.